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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20173D printed structures for impact energy dissipationMuhammad Aidil Juhari
2006Adaptive refinement analysis for the coupled boundary element method-reproducing kernel particle methodShuai, Ying Yong
2012Analysis of protective plate in manifold drop object protection structureYuan, Quan.
2010Analysis, modelling and simulation of pop-up laminar structuresMak, Kin Weng
2012Application of extended finite element method for plastic hinges and yield lines analysisXu, Jin
2017Asymptotic expansions and distribution properties for diffusion processesShe, Qihao
2013Columnar antiferromagnetic order and spin supersolid phase on the extended Shastry-Sutherland latticeWierschem, Keola; Sengupta, Pinaki
2015Complex binary algebraYu, Xin
2017Coupled partitioned fluid-motion solver in modelling the response of marine structuresChow, Jeng Hei
2018Design and analysis of chassis and steering system for battery electric vehicle (nanyang venture 10)Xu, Weijie
2018Development of a multi-rotor VTOL UAV : numerical study of rotor-wake induced interference drag on a VTOL UAVLim, Jarad Jian An
2013Development of a novel meshless method - random integral quadrature (RIQ) method and its engineering application for solving integral equationsZou, Hua
2011Development of a novel strong-form meshless technique : random differential quadrature (RDQ) method with applications for 2-D multiphysics simulation of pH-sensitive hydrogelShantanu, Shashikant Mulay
2010Development of a postural control model for balance controlTeo, Wen Qi.
2011Development of a strain-smoothed finite elementHo, Qi Heng.
2010Dynamic control of articulated figure animationQuach, Van Thanh Nam.
2015Dynamic equity theory : modeling pay for performance's cross-level effectPhang, Riyang
2012Exploiting parallelism by data dependency elimination : a case study of circuit simulation algorithmsWu, Wei; Gong, Fang; Krishnan, Rahul; Yu, Hao; He, Lei
1995F404 Engine performance simulationHo, Peng Yip.
2016Fabrication and experimental study of microfluidic device for particle separation using standing surface acoustic waves (SSAW)Tay, Justin Jun Yang