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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adaptive micro electret vibrational energy harvesterTao, Kai
2017Aerodynamics modelling of floating offshore wind turbinesSingapore Wala, Abdulqadir Aziz
2009Alternative energy using plant systems : a comparative study based on adaptation, efficiency and photosystem subunitsParameshwaran Venkataraman.
2009Alternative fuels for transportationWai, Phone Aung
2014Building energy savings using high-albedo-high-emittance (cool) roof materialsZingre, Kishor Tarachand
2009Bulk heterojunction organic solar cell fabricated on SiO2 diffraction gratingsWang, Yi.
2013Carbon monoxide poisoning mitigation approaches for the anode of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsSeyyed Mohsen Mousavi Ehteshami
2011Characterised of the mechanical and electrical behavior of electrostatic power generatorLv, Xing.
2015Characterization, modeling and enhancement of novel hybrid salinity gradient driven electrokinetic energy conversionJiao, Yanmei
2009Comparative studies of various fuel reforming methodsMirasu Ayyasamy Vimalraj.
2009Conceptual design and application of wind power in SingaporeTan, Willie Wee Lip.
2009Conductive thermoplastics for micro fuel cellsChen, Ziwei.
2013Control strategies to alleviate dynamic loads of wind turbine systemChua, Liza Wan Yuan.
2015Convertible solid oxide fuel cell/electrolyser cell with optimised composite electrodes and bi-layer electrolyteHeidari, Dorna
2009Cooling of HDB flats using solar heatChong, Yong Zhen.
2004Coupling of desalination plant to energy sources in SingaporeLim, Sheng Yei.
2015Defect detection for remanufacturing engineering through non-destructive testingLim, Jerome Jian En
2014Design & testing of float-buoy-type ocean wave energy deviceLim, You Cun
2011Design and analysis of a vertical axis wind turbineKoh, Jian Hao.
2009Design and anlaysis of a tidal current turbineZhang, Bujie