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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19983D flow performance of mixed-flow pump using CFD approachZhou, Wei Dong.
20153D measurement of movements of fish fins using high-speed cameras-ITan, John Wei You
1995An accurate numerical method for systems of differentio-integral equations associated with multiphase flowShu, Jian Jun; Wilks, Graham
2012Acoustic cavitation in emerging applications : membrane cleaning and flow processingPrabowo, Firdaus
2009Active control of microdroplets and particles in microfluidicsAli Beyzavi
2012Adhesive-based multilayered 3D liquid-metal microcoil : fabrication and testingChong, Woei Liang.
2013Advanced microchip coolingChua, Boon Tarn.
2011Aerodynamic pressure fluctuations associated with flow-induced vibration of the head gimbals assembly inside a hard disk driveMin, Hequn; Huang, Xiaoyang; Zhang, Qide
2017Aerodynamics modelling of floating offshore wind turbinesSingapore Wala, Abdulqadir Aziz
2012Aerodynamics of dragonfly flightChen, Yahui.
2005Analyses of steady and unsteady thermal behaviour of simulated electronic chips in a liquid cooled vertical rectangular channelHimangshu Bhowmik
1996Analysis for design of horizontal pressure vessels with non-sliding saddle supportsZhong, Ling.
2014Analysis of flow structures in cavity flow with modifications to cavity geometryPey, Yin Yin
2015Analysis of leakage paths in a revolving vane compressorAng, Shue Ni
1992Analytical and numerical study of the flow of working fluid in heat pipesLi, Hui Min
2009Analytical studies of the penetration dynamics of starting forced plumeToh, Vincent Woon Sen.
2014Application of pseudo-fluid approximation to evaluation of flow velocity through gravel bedsCheng, Nian-Sheng; Qiao, Changkai; Chen, Xingwei; Liu, Xingnian
1998Applications of laser doppler anemometry (LDA) to the study of some industrial two-stream mixing flow processes with streamwise vorticityHou, Yongxi.
2018Artificial supercavitationLau, Daniel Guan Rong
2007Automatic system for micro optofluidic researchNguyen, Nam Trung.