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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20183D bioprinting of skin constructs for toxicology testingNg, Wei Long; Chua, Chee Kai
20183D printable high performance fiber reinforced cementitious composites for large-scale printingHe, Lewei; Qian, Shunzhi; Weng, Yiwei; Li, Mingyang; Tan, Ming Jen
20183D printed concrete bridgeSalet, T.A.M.; Ahmed, Z.Y.; Bos., F.P.; Laagland, H.L.M.
20153D printing and additive manufacturing for customized design : unmanned vehicles-suspension parts IOng, Wu Ping
20183D printing electro-catalysts for hydrogen productionHegde, Chidanand; Yan, Qingyu; Li, Hua
20143D printing for 4D reconfigurable motion generation based on the shape memory effectKoh, Tiong Choon
20183D printing of feed channel spacers for spiral wound membrane modulesTan, Wen See
20183D printing of fiber reinforced soft roboticsYap, Yee Ling; Lee, Yi Wei; Yeong, Wai Yee
20183D printing of large parts using multiple collaborative deposition heads – a case study with FDMLeite, Marco; Ventura, Rodrigo; Boto, João; Frutuoso, Nuno; Reis, Luís; Ribeiro, António Relógio; Soares, Bruno
20183D printing of polymeric optical components by two-photon polymerizationLi, Shufan; Jiao, Jiannan; Kim, Young-Jin
20193D printing of shape memory alloy based smart structuresKhoo, Zhong Xun
20154D printing of heat-driven self assembly structures (Part 1)Lim, Joel Chin Huat
20154D printing of heat-driven self-assembly structures (Part II)Teo, Jin Howe
20184D printing of polymer-based smart structures by thermal activationTeoh, Joanne Ee Mei
2018Additive manufacturing and high performance applicationsLindgren, Lars-Erik; Lundbӓck, Andreas
2018Additive manufacturing as a platform for introducing cyber-physical servicesKhajavi, Siavash H.; Holmström, Jan; Baumers, Martin
2018Additive manufacturing knowledge incursion on orthopaedic devices : the case of hand orthosesGarcía-García, Leonardo A.; Rodríguez-Salvador, Marisela
2018Additive manufacturing of a single crystal nickel-based superalloy using selective electron beam meltingChandra, Shubham; Tan, Xipeng; Wang, Chengcheng; Seet, Gerald; Tor, Shu Beng; Yip, Yi Hong
2018Additive manufacturing of fractal antenna for electronics applicationsSugavaneswaran, M.; Nayak, Utkarsh; Saha, Somnath; Nair, Nitheeshm M.; Parasuraman, Swaminathan; Kumar, Prasanna
2018Additive manufacturing of Inconel 625 superalloy parts via high pressure cold sprayBhowmik, Ayan; Marinescu, Iulian; Sun, Wen; Tan, Adrian Wei Yee; Huong, Yan; Liu, Erjia