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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The 2016 thermal spray roadmapVardelle, Armelle; Moreau, Christian; Akedo, Jun; Ashrafizadeh, Hossein; Berndt, Christopher C.; Berghaus, Jörg Oberste; Boulos, Maher; Brogan, Jeffrey; Bourtsalas, Athanasios C.; Dolatabadi, Ali; Dorfman, Mitchell; Eden, Timothy J.; Fauchais, Pierre; Fisher, Gary; Gaertner, Frank; Gindrat, Malko; Henne, Rudolf; Hyland, Margaret; Irissou, Eric; Jordan, Eric H.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Killinger, Andreas; Lau, Yuk-Chiu; Li, Chang-Jiu; Li, Li; Longtin, Jon; Markocsan, Nicolaie; Masset, Patrick J.; Matejicek, Jiri; Mauer, Georg; McDonald, André; Mostaghimi, Javad; Sampath, Sanjay; Schiller, Günter; Shinoda, Kentaro; Smith, Mark F.; Syed, Asif Ansar; Themelis, Nickolas J.; Toma, Filofteia-Laura; Trelles, Juan Pablo; Vassen, Robert; Vuoristo, Petri
20123-D rolling car driven by shape memory alloyOng, Wei Ming.
20123D anatomical modeling of the in vitro fertilization procedure and embryogenesis for medical educationNyein, Chan Lwin
20183D bioprinting processes : a perspective on classification and terminologyLee, Jia Min; Sing, Swee Leong; Zhou, Miaomiao; Yeong, Wai Yee
20193D buckling variable poisson module auxetic membranesMohamed Firdaus Mohamed Shaik Abdul Kader Maricar
20133D compact measurement systemNaing Aung Maw
20123D displays for solidworks and autocadTan, Cedric Yineng.
20123D dynamic photographingSiti Naqiah Mohd Idris.
20133D flight planning optimisation using genetic algorithmHebert.
20143D holographic printingAng, Yu Tian
20153D measurement of movements of fish fins using high-speed cameras-IITan, Eugene Kia Chun
20103D modeling and simulation for dolphin acoustic detectionWang, Xin.
20183D neural tissue models : from spheroids to bioprintingZhuang, Pei; Sun, Alfred Xuyang; An, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Chew, Sing Yian
20193D printable design of the wearable spectrometer for analyzing sweat to track for healthNg, Qing Xuan
20183D printed acoustic metamaterial for noise reductionTeo, Zue Kang
20193D printed blood pressure sensorLim, Wei Qing
20193D printed continuous fiber composites UAV landing gearCheng, Ivan Wen Jie
20173D printed microfluidic device for mechanical lysisValappai Mohamed Farook Shariba Beevi
20183D printed photoacoustic shockwave transducer for cavitation researchChan, Weiwei
20193D printed shelters for animalsChia, Joven Kah Seng