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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Adopting a hierarchic metric approach for supporting demand forecastingWoo, Sheng Yao.
2018Analysis and design of policies to improve medical devices availability in the networkAditya, Steven
2003Analyzing e-fulfillmentCheah, Yvonne Pek Lee.
1999Application of Ithink, a visual thinking tool, in modelling : a material chain systemWong, James Horng Chwan.
2018Application of reinforcement learning to production systemJiang, Zhijin
1999A business process reengineering application framework using object oriented technologyLim, Fun Yoong.
2006Case study on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software selection and implementation methodologyIrrinki Rangayya Naidu.
2014Challenges and best practices in EPCI projects: case research on offshore and marine industry in SingaporeKhare Shubham Hari
2005Chaos secure communication with pseudo-random switching keysMaung Myo Khine.
1994A combined factorial experiment and heuristic search for simulation optimizationLoh, Yoon Loong.
2003Competitive analysis and conceptual design of semi equipment communication standards and middleware technologyTin Oo.
2009A complex systems approach to risk management under extreme conditionsHu, Denghao.
2004Conception and development of a World Wide Web public events databaseKoh, Yew Gee.
1999Conceptual design & demonstration of a portable tourist information systemXu, Hui
2006Conceptual design of a rapid embedded system development environmentEi Thandar Lin
2010Console development and graphic visualization for dynamic collaborative business process modelingHua, Tran Long.
2010A context-aware approach for business-to-business collaborationTan, Puay Siew
2013A correlation handling strategy for consumer-oriented emotional design of new productsHuang, Yuexiang.
1999A cost effective system design and development for remote monitoring of facilities in flatted factoriesManickam Selvakumaran.
2008The critical success factors of an ERP implementation in a chemical companyKong, Keat Wai.