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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091965 年后新加坡小学华文课本中的儿童文学选材研究 = A study of materials selection of children’s literature found in Singapore primary chinese textbooks since 1965钱宝来 Chee, Poh Lai
2008Dream and the drifting soul : the significance of gender issues in Peony Pavilion.Hiew, Cha Kie.
2012An information war waged by merchants and missionaries at Canton : the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in China, 1834-1839Chen, Songchuan.
2013The insignificant characters and the grand narrative : a study of multiple implications of the insignificant characters.Li, Shifang.
 2012Memories at the margins : Chinese-educated intellectuals in SingaporeChia, Kelvin; Woon, Kwok Kian
2012Ritual in the Xunzi : a change of the heart/mindSung, Winnie
2006Seeking cultural and gender identity : re-reading the fiction by Singaporean chinese women writers in the 1980sYang, Ying
2011Societal factors and the inescapability of Chinese female oppressionWang, Carmen Onggo Jiawen
2009Stance-taking with Wo Juede in conversational ChineseLim, Ni-Eng
2006Textual reading and cultural analysis : the phenomena of San Mao and You Jin in China, part A.Sun, Lingling.
2008The theme of love for 20th century Chinese women writers : the interrelation between their lives and worksLi, Yimei
2012The work of an instant : the photographic moment in narrative memory.Tang, Chee Seng.
2018Writing Hong Kong Sinophonicity : history, gender and ethnicity in Hong Kong fictionLong, Chao
2018三毛的旅行书写 :性别、殖民和文化的图像 = Examining Sanmao's travel writing : the image of gender, colonialism and cultural identity蒋承耘 Jiang, Chengyun
2010“三言”叙述节奏管窥 :规律与变奏 = An examination on the narrative rhythm of Sanyan黄雪华 Ng, Xue Hwa
2011不曾离弃社会的作者 :新华作家苗芒作品研究 = The one who stood by his society : a study of the works of Miao Mang as a Singapore Chinese writer陈诗珈 Tan, Shi Jia
2009中国传统戏曲中吝啬鬼形象 = A portrayal of the miser in Chinese opera冯薪安 Foong, Shin Ann
2019中国底层诗人在文坛的影响 :以余秀华的诗歌为例 = A Chinese poet’s impact in the literary world : study of Yu Xiuhua’s poems蔡銘莉 Chua, Meng Lee
2011中国民间故事创作的文学考量 :以鸟类形象为例 = Literary considerations in Chinese folk story writing : a case study of the bird image林芋伶 Lin, Eileen Yuling
2018中国盗墓小说研究 :以《鬼吹灯》为探讨中心 = Research on Chinese Tomb-raiding novel : taking “Candle in tomb” as an example王莹 Wang, Ying