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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Ab initio folding of extended α-helix : a theoretical study about the role of electrostatic polarization in the folding of helical structuresLazim, Raudah; Wei, Caiyi; Sun, Tiedong; Zhang, Dawei
 2013ABT-199, a potent and selective BCL-2 inhibitor, achieves antitumor activity while sparing plateletsHymowitz, Sarah G.; Jin, Sha; Khaw, Seong Lin; Kovar, Peter J.; Lam, Lloyd T.; Lee, Jackie; Maecker, Heather L.; Marsh, Kennan C.; Mason, Kylie D.; Mitten, Michael J.; Sampath, Deepak; Nimmer, Paul M.; Oleksijew, Anatol; Park, Chang H.; Park, Cheol-Min; Phillips, Darren C.; Roberts, Andrew W.; Seymour, John F.; Smith, Morey L.; Sullivan, Gerard M.; Tahir, Stephen K.; Wendt, Michael D.; Xiao, Yu; Xue, John C.; Zhang, Haichao; Humerickhouse, Rod A.; Rosenberg, Saul H.; Elmore, Steven W.; Tse, Chris; Souers, Andrew J.; Leverson, Joel D.; Boghaert, Erwin R.; Ackler, Scott L.; Catron, Nathaniel D.; Chen, Jun; Dayton, Brian D.; Ding, Hong; Enschede, Sari H.; Fairbrother, Wayne J.; Huang, David C. S.
2016Asymmetric reactions of unsaturated esters and desymmetrizations of p-stereogenic phosphinates via carbene catalysis and oxidative carbene catalysisHuang, Zhijian
 2013Benzofuran-based estrogen receptor α modulators as anti-cancer therapeutics : in silico and experimental studiesLeow, Min Li; Chin, Christina Hui Li; Yu, Peggy Shuang; Pasunooti, Kalyan Kumar; Tay, Raymond Xu Zhan; Zhang, Dawei; Yoon, Ho Sup; Liu, Xue-Wei
 2013Bioengineered tunable memristor based on protein nanocageMeng, Fanben; Sana, Barindra; Li, Yuangang; Liu, Yuanjun; Lim, Sierin; Chen, Xiaodong
2017Cell mechanics study on single cell and collective behaviorHan, Jingjing
 2012Co+–H interaction inspired alternate coordination geometries of biologically important cob(I)alamin : possible structural and mechanistic consequences for methyltransferasesKumar, Manoj; Hirao, Hajime; Kozlowski, Pawel M.
 2012Crystal structure and density functional calculation of (E)-4-Hydroxy-3-methyl-N'- (thiophen-2-ylmethylene)-1,4-dihydroquinoxaline-2-carbohydrazide radicalIbrahim, Mohammad M.; Al-Refai, Mahmoud; Dawoud, Jamal N.; Abu-El-Halawa, Rajab; Massad, Mohannad H.; Judeh, Zaher; Ali, Basem F.
2012Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of subunit F (F1-94), an essential coupling subunit of the eukaryotic V1VO-ATPase from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeBasak, Sandip; Balakrishna, Asha Manikkoth; Manimekalai, Malathy Sony Subramanian; Grüber, Gerhard
2015Cycloisomerization of 1,n-enyne and 1,n-diyne esters and carbonates to cyclic compounds via gold catalysisSally
2013Deconvolution-based deblurring of reconstructed images in photoacoustic/thermoacoustic tomographyRejesh, Nadaparambil Aravindakshan; Pullagurla, Harish; Pramanik, Manojit
2017Dendritic DNA and its application to biological and biomedical technologyWu, Jingyuan
2012Design, synthesis, characterization and property study of topological structures of DNALi, Dawei
2018Development of metal complexes for specific targeting G-quadruplexes and the application studiesHe, Lei
2010Development of nanoparticles-based biosensing assay for identification of enzyme activitiesLiu, Rongrong
2011Development of topoisomerase I inhibitors on the basis of structural variation of oligonucleotides.Quek, Ngee Mien.
2018Divergent ring-opening coupling between cyclopropanols and alkynes under cobalt catalysisYang, Junfeng; Shen, Yixiao; Lim, Yang Jie; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2011A dual K+-Na+ selective prussian blue nanotubes sensorAng, Jin Qiang; Nguyen, Binh Thi Thanh; Toh, Chee-Seng
 2013Embedding sulfur in MOF-derived microporous carbon polyhedrons for lithium-sulfur batteriesLou, David Xiong Wen; Wu, Hao Bin; Wei, Shuya; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Rong; Hng, Huey Hoon
 2013Enhancing infection affinity of therapeutic recombinant viral vectors to targeted cells in regenerative nanomedicineZhang, Feng; Su, Kai; Fang, Yu; Wang, Dong-An