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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20161,3,2-diazaphospholene-catalysed reduction of unsaturated bondsChong, Che Chang
 2014Alkene isomerization-hydroarylation tandem catalysis : indole C2-alkylation with aryl-substituted alkenes leading to 1,1-diarylalkanesYoshikai, Naohiko; Yamakawa, Takeshi
 2015Conversion of 2-iodobiaryls into 2,2′-diiodobiaryls via oxidation-iodination sequences : a versatile route to ladder-type heterofluorenesWu, Bin; Yoshikai, Naohiko
2017Cyclisation reactions for the synthesis of natural and unnatural piperidinesBarat, Viktor
2011Degenerate [2]rotaxanes with electrostatic barriersFahrenbach, Albert C.; Paxton, Walter F.; Li, Hao; Zhao, Yanli; Kim, Soo Young; Stoddart, J. Fraser
2014Development of new methodologies towards the synthesis of functionalized heterocyclic isoxazolidines, isoxazoles and [1,2,4] triazolesZhu, Di
2010Fe(III)- and Au(I)-catalyzed cyclization of arene-alkynes.Gao, Zhi Ming.
2015Iron-catalyzed directed C2-alkylation and alkenylation of indole with vinylarenes and alkynesYamakawa, Takeshi; Yoshikai, Naohiko; Wong, Mun Yee
2010Mn(III)-catalyzed synthesis of pyrroles from vinyl azides and B-keto acids.Ng, Eileen Pei Jian.
 2006Multi[2]rotaxanes with gold nanoparticles as centersZhao, Yanli; Chen, Yong; Wang, Min; Liu, Yu
2010N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed intramolecular stetter reaction between an aldehyde and activated alkyne for easy access to chromones.Wong, Qian Ling.
2008Polypyrrole and its nanocomposite based electrochemical immunosensorsChen, Wei
2009Silver catalyzed multicomponent synthesis of aminoindolizinesBai, Yaguang
2011Structurally characterized normal and abnormal N-heterocyclic carbene based palladium and gold complexes and their catalysisXu, Xiangya
2013Studies on aminofunctionalization of carbon-carbon double bonds towards synthesis of azaheterocyclesStephen Sanjaya
 2012Study of substrate dependence on the chemoselectivity of the gold-catalysed cycloisomerisation of aryl substituted 1,7-enynesHuang, Chuhui; Kothandaraman, Prasath; Koh, Bing Qin; Chan, Philip Wai Hong
2010Synthesis of 5-membered heterocycles via lewis-acid mediated [3+2]-cycloaddition of vinyl azides and allylsilanes.Chua, Sze Hui.
2010Synthesis of furanose incorporated n-heterocyclic carbenes.Chua, Chun Kiang.
2012Towards the stereoselective synthesis of bicyclic and tricyclic alkaloid natural productsPatcharaporn Sae-Lao
2018Transition metal-free amino-cyclization for the synthesis of saturated azaheterocyclesKaga, Atsushi