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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018(1-aryloxy-2-hydroxypropyl)-phenylpiperazine derivatives suppress Candida albicans virulence by interfering with morphological transitionZhao, Shuo; Huang, Jun-Jun; Sun, Xiuyun; Huang, Xiaorong; Fu, Shuna; Yang, Liang; Liu, Xue-Wei; He, Fei; Deng, Yinyue
20183D-printed electrodes for sensing of biologically active moleculesLiyarita, Bella Rosa; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
 2012Accurate detection of SNPs using base-specific cleavage and mass spectrometrySun, Ruimin; Gao, Xiang; Han, Nanyu; Wu, Qiong; Mu, Yuguang; Tang, Kai; Chen, Xin
 2013Acetone-induced graphene oxide film formation at the water-air interfaceWei, Li; Chen, Fuming; Wang, Hong; Zeng, Tingying Helen; Wang, Qiusheng; Chen, Yuan
 2013Achieving vinylic selectivity in Mizoroki-Heck reaction of cyclic olefinsWu, Xiaojin; Lu, Yunpeng; Hirao, Hajime; Zhou, Jianrong Steve
2014Activation of alkynes with [Cp*MCl2]2 (M=Rh or Ir) towards hydroamination reactionsKumaran Elumalai
2018Additive manufacturing of electrochemical interfaces : simultaneous detection of biomarkersHo, Eugene Hong Zhuang; Ambrosi, Adriano; Pumera, Martin
2018Alkyl ethers as traceless hydride donors in brønsted acid catalyzed intramolecular hydrogen atom transferGandamana, Dhika Aditya; Wang, Bin; Tejo, Ciputra; Bolte, Benoit; Gagosz, Fabien; Chiba, Shunsuke
 2014Allenamides as orthogonal handles for selective modification of cysteine in peptides and proteinsAbbas, Ata; Xing, Bengang; Loh, Teck-Peng
2017Aluminum nanostructures with strong visible-range SERS activity for versatile micropatterning of molecular security labelsLay, Chee Leng; Koh, Charlynn Sher Lin; Wang, Jing; Lee, Yih Hong; Jiang, Ruibin; Yang, Yijie; Yang, Zhe; Phang, In Yee; Ling, Xing Yi
2018Amidinate-stabilized silylene-main group element complexesShan, Yuliang
 2012Anaerobic toxicity assay of plasticisersTrzcinski, Antoine P.; Ofoegbu, Nkechi.; Stuckey, David C.
2018Analysis and monitoring of odour and semi-volatile organic compounds in different environmental matrices via gas chromatography-mass spectrometryUrbancok, Dejan
2014Anisotropic atom-surface interactions in the Casimir-Polder regimeTaillandier-Loize, T.; Baudon, J.; Dutier, G.; Perales, F.; Boustimi, M.; Ducloy, M.
2015Antimony and antimony oxide@graphene oxide obtained by the peroxide route as anodes for lithium-ion batteriesYu, Denis Yau Wai; Batabyal, Sudip Kumar; Gun, Jenny; Sladkevich, Sergey; Mikhaylov, Alexey A.; Medvedev, Alexander G.; Novotortsev, Vladimir M.; Lev, Ovadia; Prikhodchenko, Petr V.
2017Application of vinyl azides in chemical synthesis : a recent updateHayashi, Hirohito; Kaga, Atsushi; Chiba, Shunsuke
2018Applications of purge-and-trap gas chromatography - Mass spectrometry for the determination of volatile organic compounds in waterNg, Shu Jun
2013Artificial micro-cinderella based on self-propelled micromagnets for the active separation of paramagnetic particlesSanchez, Samuel; Schmidt, Oliver G.; Pumera, Martin; Zhao, Guanjia; Wang, Hong
 2009Artificial neural networks-based approach to design ARIs using QSAR for diabetes mellitusPatra, Jagdish Chandra; Singh, Onkar
2018Artificial photosynthesis by light absorption, charge separation, and multielectron catalysisĐokić, Miloš; Soo, Han Sen