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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2003The 2002 Denali fault earthquake, Alaska : a large magnitude, slip-partitioned eventEberhart-Phillips, Donna; Haeussler, Peter J.; Freymueller, Jeffrey T.; Frankel, Arthur D.; Rubin, Charles M.; Craw, Patricia; Ratchkovski, Natalia A.; Carver, Gary A.; Crone, Anthony J.; Dawson, Timothy E.; Fletcher, Hilary; Hansen, Roger; Harp, Edwin L.; Harris, Ruth A.; Hill, David P.; Hreinsdóttir, Sigrún; Jibson, Randall W.; Jones, Lucile M.; Kayen, Robert; Keefer, David K.; Larsen, Christopher F.; Moran, Seth C.; Personius, Stephen F.; Plafker, George; Sherrod, Brian; Sieh, Kerry; Sitar, Nicholas; Wallace, Wesley K.; Anderson, Greg
2012The 2010 Mw 7.8 Mentawai earthquake : very shallow source of a rare tsunami earthquake determined from tsunami field survey and near-field GPS dataHuang, Zhenhua; Qiu, Qiang; Banerjee, Paramesh; Elosegui, Pedro; Pranantyo, Ignatius Ryan; Li, Linlin; Skanavis, Vassilis; Sieh, Kerry; Hill, Emma M.; Borrero, José C.; Natawidjaja, Danny H.; Fritz, Hermann M.; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Macpherson, Kenneth A.; Synolakis, Costas E.
2015The 2014 Mw 6.1 South Napa earthquake : a unilateral rupture with shallow asperity and rapid afterslipBarbot, Sylvain; Wei, Shengji; Graves, Robert; Lienkaemper, James J.; Wang, Teng; Hudnut, Kenneth; Fu, Yuning; Helmberger, Don
2018The 2015 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake sequence : I. Source modeling and deterministic 3D ground shakingWei, Shengji; Chen, Meng; Wang, Xin; Graves, Robert; Lindsey, Eric; Wang, Teng; Karakaş, Çağıl; Helmberger, Don
2015The 21 May 2014 Mw 5.9 bay of Bengal earthquake : macroseismic data suggest a high-stress-drop eventMartin, Stacey S.; Hough, Susan E.
2019360 intrusions in a miniature volcano : birth, growth, and evolution of an analog edificeDerrien, Allan; Taisne, Benoit
2005Aceh–Andaman earthquake : what happened and what's next?Sieh, Kerry
2018Active backstop faults in the Mentawai region of Sumatra, Indonesia, revealed by teleseismic broadband waveform modelingWang, Xin; Bradley, Kyle Edward; Wei, Shengji; Wu, Wenbo
2010Active faulting induced by slip partitioning in Montserrat and link with volcanic activity : new insights from the 2009 GWADASEIS marine cruise dataFeuillet, Nathalie; Leclerc, Frédérique; Tapponnier, Paul; Beauducel, François; Boudon, Georges; Le Friant, Anne; Deplus, Christine; Lebrun, Jean-Frédéric; Nercessian, Alexandre; Saurel, Jean-Marie; Clément, Valentin
 2000Active parasitic folds on the Elysian Park anticline : implications for seismic hazard in central Los Angeles, CaliforniaOskin, Michael; Sieh, Kerry; Curtis, Matthew; McArdle, Steve; Miller, Grant; Guptill, Paul; Elliot, Paul; Rockwell, Thomas K.
2010Active source seismic experiment peers under Soufrière hills volcanoMattioli, Glen.; Voight, Barry.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Shalev, E.; Malin, P.; Kenedi, C.; Minshull, T. A.; Paulatto, M.; Hammond, J.; Hidayat, Dannie.; Widiwijayanti, Christina.
 1997Active tectonics, paleoseismology and seismic hazards of the Hollywood fault, northern Los Angeles basin, CaliforniaSieh, Kerry; Guptill, Paul; Miller, Grant; Dolan, James F.; Rockwell, Thomas K.
2012An ancient shallow slip event on the Mentawai segment of the Sunda megathrust, SumatraNatawidjaja, Danny H.; Suwargadi, Bambang W.; Hill, Emma M.; Philibosian, Belle; Sieh, Kerry; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Shen, Chuan-Chou; Edwards, R. Lawrence
2011Another potential source of destructive earthquakes and tsunami offshore of SumatraWiseman, Kelly; Banerjee, Paramesh; Sieh, Kerry; Bürgmann, Roland; Natawidjaja, Danny H.
1990Behavior of the southernmost San Andreas fault during the past 300 yearsSieh, Kerry; Williams, Patrick L.
2016Characterizing the spectrum of slip behavior at the Sumatran subduction zone with long-term geodetic recordsTsang, Louisa Lok Hang
2009Co-seismic ruptures of the 12 May 2008, Ms 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan : East–west crustal shortening on oblique, parallel thrusts along the eastern edge of TibetLiu-Zeng, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wen, L.; Sun, J.; Xing, X.; Hu, G.; Xu, Q.; Zeng, L.; Ding, L.; Ji, C.; Hudnut, K. W.; van der Woerd, J.; Tapponnier, Paul
 2002A comparative study of the Sumatran subduction-zone earthquakes of 1935 and 1984Rivera, Luis; Sieh, Kerry; Helmberger, Don V.; Natawidjaja, Danny H.
2003Complexities of the San Andreas fault near San Gorgonio Pass : implications for large earthquakesYule, Doug; Sieh, Kerry
2014Contributions of poroelastic rebound and a weak volcanic arc to the postseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku earthquakeWang, Kelin; Freymueller, Jeffrey T; Hu, Yan; Bürgmann, Roland; Banerjee, Paramesh