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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Adaptive rates of contraction of posterior distributions in Bayesian wavelet regressionLian, Heng
2013Application of self-assembled hemispherical microlasers as gas sensorsTa, Van Duong; Chen, R.; Nguyen, D. M.; Sun, Handong
2002Approximation of the stability number of a graph via copositive programmingKlerk, Etienne de.; Pasechnik, Dmitrii V.
2000A characterization of the Petersen-type geometry of the McLaughlin groupBaumeister, Barbara; Ivanov, A. A.; Pasechnik, Dmitrii V.
2013Classical self-orthogonal codes and their applications to quantum codesJin, Lingfei
2012Coherent polarization locking of thermal sensitive Ho:YAG laserChua, Chern Fei.; Tan, L. H.; Phua, Poh Boon.
2009Computing the nucleolus of weighted voting gamesPasechnik, Dmitrii V.; Elkind, Edith
2010A continuation method for nonlinear complementarity problems over symmetric conesChua, Chek Beng.; Yi, Peng.
2008Cyclic codes over GR(p2,m) of length pkKiah, Han Mao; Leung, Ka Hin; Ling, San
 2012Delay-dependent stability analysis of numerical methods for stochastic delay differential equationsHuang, Chengming; Gan, Siqing; Wang, Desheng
2013An efficient hierarchical multiscale finite element method for stokes equations in slowly varying mediaBrown, Donald L.; Efendiev, Yalchin; Hoang, Viet Ha
2012Elimination of spurious solutions from k·p theory with Fourier transform technique and Burt-Foreman operator orderingZhao, Qiuji; Mei, Ting; Zhang, Dao Hua
 2012Enantioselective oxidative cross-dehydrogenative coupling of tertiary amines to aldehydesZhang, Junmin; Tiwari, Bhoopendra; Xing, Chong; Chen, Xingkuan; Chi, Robin Yonggui
1992Enumeration of small nonisomorphic 1-rotational twofold triple systemsRoyle, Gordon F.; Chee, Yeow Meng
2013Evidence of ultra-low-k dielectric material degradation and nanostructure alteration of the Cu/ultra-low-k interconnects in time-dependent dielectric breakdown failureLam, Jeffrey C. K.; Huang, Maggie Y. M.; Ng, Tsu Hau; Mohammed Khalid Dawood; Zhang, Fan; Du, Anyan; Sun, Handong; Shen, Zexiang; Mai, Zhihong
2006Improved bounds for the crossing numbers of Km,n and KnKlerk, Etienne de.; Pasechnik, Dmitrii V.; Maharry, J.; Richter, R. B.; Salazar, G.
2008Improved lower bounds for constant GC-content DNA codesChee, Yeow Meng; Ling, San
2008An introduction to gene expression data clustering algorithimsGuo, Ling Qiong
2014Lattice codes for wiretap fading channelsOng, Soon Sheng
2009Limit on the addressability of fault-tolerant nanowire decodersLing, Alan C. H.; Chee, Yeow Meng