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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2013Adaptive profile-empirical-likelihood inferences for generalized single-index modelsHuang, Zhensheng.; Pang, Zhen.; Zhang, Riquan.
2019Application and analysis of embedding methods for node classification in homophily-rich networksTan, Yee Ying
2013Bayesian quantile regression for semiparametric modelsHu, Yuao
2012BOPA : a bayesian hierarchical model for outlier expression detectionHong, Zhaoping
2017Central limit theorem for the spiked eigenvalues of separable sample covariance matricesZhang, Bo
2007Comparison of plant-wide oscillation detection methodsTan, Wei Teck; Tan, Chee Kiong; Lakshminarayanan, Samavedham; Kariwala, Vinay
2018Deep learning in health-care with mixture model : a simulation studyXiao, Fengtong
2009Detecting macroeconomic phases in the Dow Jones Industrial Average time seriesWong, Jian Cheng; Lian, Heng; Cheong, Siew Ann
2008Discovering macroeconomic phases using statistical methods.Wong, Jian Cheng.
2015Efficient algorithms for Bayesian semi-parametric regression modelsZhao Kaifeng
2014Establishing normative hand transport tangential velocity of a reach-to-grasp task : towards an objective assessment for UE stroke rehabilitationLeo, Kee Hao
 2012Estimation by polynomial splines with variable selection in additive Cox modelsZhang, Shangli; Wang, Lichun; Lian, Heng
2008Fixed-point dynamical modelling of causal/correlation patterns in large clinical databases.Chong, Kin Chun.
 2014Generalized additive partial linear models for clustered data with diverging number of covariates using geeWang, Lan; Lian, Heng; Liang, Hua
2019Graphical models and variational Bayesian inference for financial networksXin, Luyin
2015Hypothesis test and estimator of high dimensional covariance matrixYang, Qing
2015Independence test for high dimensional data based on regularized canonical correlation coefficientsYang, Yanrong; Pan, Guangming
2018Investigation of Riemann hypothesis via Rényi dimension and Hurst exponentPeh, Wei Yan
2013Letter to the editorHu, Yuao; Tian, Ye; Lian, Heng
2019Model-based quantile regression for count panel dataZhang, Chuchu