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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010256 bit standardized crypto for 650 GE – GOST revisitedPoschmann, Axel; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
 2013Adaptive wavelet collocation methods for image segmentation using TV–Allen–Cahn type modelsTai, Xue Cheng; Rong, Zhijian; Wang, Li-Lian
2019Advanced code reuse attacks against modern defencesWang, Chenyu
1992Affine extensions of the Petersen graph and 2-arc-transitive graphs of girth 5Pasechnik, Dmitrii V.
2015Agricultural risk modeling challenges in China : probabilistic modeling of rice losses in Hunan provinceStojanovski, Pane; Dong, Weimin; Wang, Ming; Ye, Tao; Li, Shuangcai; Mortgat, Christian P.
 2012Algebraic fast-decodable relay codes for distributed communicationsHollanti, Camilla; Markin, Nadya
 2013An algebraic perspective on multivariate tight wavelet framesStöckler, Joachim.; Charina, Maria.; Putinar, Mihai.; Scheiderer, Claus.
1998Almost perfect sequences with θ=2Leung, Ka Hin; Ling, San; Ma, Siu Lun; Tay, Kian Boon
2019American fuzzy lop (AFL) fuzzingGoh, Brandon Wen Heng
2019Analysis of complex survival data subject to semi-competing risksPeng, Mengjiao
2006Aperiodic and odd correlations of some p-ary sequences from Galois ringsLing, San; Özbudak, Ferruh
2019Application of hodge theory to the analysis of ranking dataLaurent, Valerie Evangelin
2013Approximations by orthonormal mapped Chebyshev functions for higher-dimensional problems in unbounded domainsShen, Jie; Wang, Li-Lian; Yu, Haijun
 2012The arithmetic codexCascudo, Ignacio; Cramer, Ronald; Xing, Chaoping
2011Association schemes arising from bent functionsPott, Alexander; Tan, Yin; Feng, Tao; Ling, San
2018The associations between dietary practices and dietary quality, biological health indicators, perceived stress, religiosity, culture, and gender in multicultural SingaporeNg, Rachel Yi-Xin; Wong, Yi-Sheng; Yeo, Joshua-Yi; Koh, Crystal Ling-Zhen; Wilson, Cynthia; Gan, Samuel Ken-En
2013Asymptotic inequalities for k-ranks and their cumulation functionsMao, Renrong
2012Averages of shifted convolutions of d 3(n)Baier, Stephan; Browning, T. D.; Marasingha, G.; Zhao, L.
2019Balancing efficiency and fairness in ridesharing dispatchingWu, Shanshan
 2013Best N-term GPC approximations for a class of stochastic linear elasticity equationsXia, Bingxing.; Hoang, Viet Ha.