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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The 2012 dengue outbreak in Madeira: exploring the originsWilder-Smith, Annelies; Quam, M; Sessions, O; Rocklov, J; Liu-Helmersson, J; Franco, L; Khan, K
2014Acceptability of impregnated school uniforms for dengue control in Thailand : a mixed methods approachMurray, Natasha; Jansarikij, Suphachai; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; Kittayapong, Pattamaporn; Louis, Valérie R.; Olanratmanee, Phanthip; Maskhao, Pongsri; Souares, Aurélia
2016Acquisition and loss of virulence-associated factors during genome evolution and speciation in three clades of Bordetella speciesLinz, Bodo; Ivanov, Yury V.; Preston, Andrew; Brinkac, Lauren; Parkhill, Julian; Kim, Maria; Harris, Simon R.; Goodfield, Laura L.; Fry, Norman K.; Gorringe, Andrew R.; Nicholson, Tracy L.; Register, Karen B.; Losada, Liliana; Harvill, Eric T.
2015The action of mimetic peptides on connexins protects fibroblasts from the negative effects of ischemia reperfusionGlass, Beverley J.; Hu, Rebecca G.; Phillips, Anthony R. J.; Becker, David Lawrence
2013Analysis of epigenetic factors in mouse embryonic neural stem cells exposed to hyperglycemiaShyamasundar, Sukanya; Bay, Boon Huat; Tay, Samuel Sam Wah; Kumar, S. Dinesh; Rangasamy, Danny; Dheen, S. Thameem; Jadhav, Shweta P.
2017Analyzing medical personnel’s perceptions of online health rumorsSoon, Jeremy Jia Qi
2017ANRIL promoter DNA methylation : a perinatal marker for later adiposityLillycrop, Karen; Murray, Robert; Cheong, Clara; Teh, Ai Ling; Clarke-Harris, Rebecca; Barton, Sheila; Costello, Paula; Garratt, Emma; Cook, Eloise; Titcombe, Philip; Shunmuganathan, Bhuvaneshwari; Liew, Samantha J.; Chua, Yong-Cai; Lin, Xinyi; Wu, Yonghui; Burdge, Graham C.; Cooper, Cyrus; Inskip, Hazel M.; Karnani, Neerja; Hopkins, James C.; Childs, Caroline E.; Chavez, Carolina Paras; Calder, Philip C.; Yap, Fabian; Lee, Yung Seng; Chong, Yap Seng; Melton, Philip E.; Beilin, Lawrie; Huang, Rae-Chi; Gluckman, Peter D.; Harvey, Nick; Hanson, Mark A.; Holbrook, Joanna D.; Godfrey, Keith M.
2014An antimicrobial helix A-derived peptide of heparin cofactor II blocks endotoxin responses in vivoPapareddy, Praveen; Kalle, Martina; Morgelin, Matthias; Schmidtchen, Artur; Malmsten, Martin; Singh, Shalini
2018Antimicrobial quaternary ammonium organosilane cross-linked nanofibrous collagen scaffolds for tissue engineeringDhand, Chetna; Balakrishnan, Yamini; Ong, Seow Theng; Dwivedi, Neeraj; Venugopal, Jayarama R.; Harini, Sriram; Leung, Chak Ming; Low, Kenny Zhi Wei; Loh, Xian Jun; Beuerman, Roger W.; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Verma, Navin Kumar; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani
2019Application of a targeted-enrichment methodology for full-genome sequencing of Dengue 1-4, Chikungunya and Zika viruses directly from patient samplesKamaraj, Uma Sangumathi; Tan, Jun Hao; Pan, Louise; Chawla, Tanu; Ong, Xin Mei; Uehara, Anna; Wang, Lin-Fa; Ooi, Eng Eong; Gubler, Duane J.; Tissera, Hasitha; Ng, Lee Ching; Wilder-Smith, Annelies; de Sessions, Paola Florez; Barkham, Timothy; Anderson, Danielle E.; Sessions, October Michael
2012Application of a web-based cognitive-behavioural therapy programme for the treatment of selective mutism in Singapore : a case series studyOoi, Yoon Phaik; Raja, Malini; Fung, Daniel SS; Koh, Jessie BK; Sung, Sharon Cohan
2014Assessing the origin of and potential for international spread of Chikungunya virus from the CaribbeanKhan, Kamran; Bogoch, Isaac; Brownstein, John S.; Miniota, Jennifer; Nicolucci, Adrian; Hu, Wei; Nsoesie, Elaine O.; Cetron, Martin; Creatore, Maria Isabella; German, Matthew; Wilder-Smith, Annelies
2018Associations between post-operative rehabilitation of hip fracture and outcomes : national database analysis (90 characters)Su, Bowen; Newson, Roger; Soljak, Harry; Soljak, Michael
2016Asymmetric dimethylarginine in adult falciparum malaria: relationships with disease severity, antimalarial treatment, hemolysis, and inflammationBarber, Bridget E.; William, Timothy; Grigg, Matthew J.; Parameswaran, Uma; Piera, Kim A.; Yeo, Tsin Wen; Anstey, Nicholas M.
 2019An ATF6-tPA pathway in hepatocytes contributes to systemic fibrinolysis and is repressed by DACH1Pestell, Richard George; Zheng, Ze; Nayak, Lalitha; Wang, Wei; Wang, Xiaobo; Cai, Bishuang; Lapping, Stephanie; Ozcan, Lale; Ramakrishnan, Rajasekhar; Jain, Mukesh K.; Tabas, Ira; Yurdagul Jr, Arif
2018Attention and cognitive bias modification apps: review of the literature and of commercially available appsZhang, Melvyn; Ying, JiangBo; Song, Guo; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng; Smith, Helen
2018Attention bias in individuals with addictive disorders : systematic review protocolZhang, Melvyn; Ying, JiangBo; Song, Guo; Ho, Roger CM; Smith, Helen; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng
2019Attenuated beta rebound to proprioceptive afferent feedback in Parkinson’s diseaseVinding, Mikkel C.; Tsitsi, Panagiota; Piitulainen, Harri; Waldthaler, Josefine; Jousmäki, Veikko; Ingvar, Martin; Svenningsson, Per; Lundqvist, Daniel
2014Automated assessment of β-cell area and density per islet and patient using TMEM27 and BACE2 immunofluorescence staining in human pancreatic β-cellsRechsteiner, Markus P.; Floros, Xenofon; Boehm, Bernhard O.; Marselli, Lorella; Marchetti, Piero; Stoffel, Markus; Moch, Holger; Spinas, Giatgen A.
2016Automated telephone communication systems for preventive healthcare and management of long‐term conditionsPosadzki, Pawel; Mastellos, Nikolaos; Ryan, Rebecca; Pappas, Yannis; Gagnon, Marie-Pierre; Xiang, Liming; Oldenburg, Brian; Car, Josip; Gunn, Laura H.; Felix, Lambert M.; Julious, Steven A.