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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20133D compact measurement systemNaing Aung Maw
2012Advanced nanostructured materials : wide-band-gap oxides based magnetic semiconductorsXing, Guozhong
1997Amorphous KNbO3 thin films with ferroelectric like propertiesSun, Handong; Siu, H. S.; Zhu, Y. Y.; Yu, P.; Wong, G. K. L.; Xiao, R. F.
2011Amplified spontaneous emission in CdS nanobelts: an investigation through ultrafast optical spectroscopy.Sandy Adhitia Ekahana.
2006Amplitude and phase analysis in digital dynamic holographyAnand, Asundi; Singh, Vijay Raj
2005Amplitude contrast image enhancement in digital holography for particles analysisSingh, Vijay Raj; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2014Analysis of one-third harmonic generation in waveguidesSun, Yunxu; Shao, Xuguang; Huang, Tianye; Wu, Zhifang; Lee, Timothy; Perry, Shum Ping; Brambilla, Gilberto
2006Analysis of phase distortion in phase-shifted fringe projectionMiao, Hong; Quan, Chenggen; Tay, Cho Jui; Fu, Yu
2014Arbitrary optical potentialsGan, Koon Siang
2019Atom/light interaction at the interface of metamaterialsChan, Eng Aik
2012Automated control programs for characterizations of quantum cascade lasers.Phann Sophearin.
2001Biexciton emission from ZnO/Zn0.74Mg0.26O multi-quantum wellsMakino, T.; Tuan, N. T.; Sun, Handong; Segawa, Y.; Kawasaki, M.; Ohtomo, A.; Tamura, K.; Koinuma, H.
2010Bose-fermi mixtures in a three-dimensional optical latticeLiu, Qingmei; Dai, Xi; Fang, Zhong; Zhuang, Jia Ning; Zhao, Yang
2018Cavity QED effects in low dimensional systemsArnardottir, Kristin Bjorg
2008Characterisation of laser marks using digital holographic microscopyAnand, Asundi; Chee, Oi Choo; Sim, Eddy; Singh, Vijay Raj
2003Characterization of selective quantum well intermixing in 1.3 mu m GaInNAs/GaAs structuresSun, Handong; Macaluso, Roberto; Dawson, M. D.; Robert, F.; Bryce, A. C.; Marsh, J. H.; Riechert, H.
2011Characterization of the excess noise conversion from optical relative intensity noise in the photodetection of mode-locked lasers for microwave signal synthesisWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Aditya, Sheel; Ouyang, Chunmei; Wong, Jia Haur; Lam, Huy Quoc; Lee, Kenneth Eng Kian
2007Characterizations of GaN, blue and green LEDs.Huynh, Nguyen.
2014Charge dynamics in alkanedithiols-additives in P3HT : PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cellsSolanki, Ankur; Wu, Bo; Lam, Yeng Ming; Sum, Tze Chien
2015Chiral mirrorsPlum, Eric; Zheludev, Nikolay I.