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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An analysis of local press coverage pertaining to the speak good English movement between 1999 and 2014Kubo Loh, Hidenobu
2001Are we apathetic? surveying Singaporeans' political attitudes, participation, and knowledge.Chan, Boon Wee.; Wong, Teck Zhung.
2003Balance theory and the perception of religious relationships : an application of three quantitative cognitive consistency models in Singapore.Lim, Wendy Mei Sze.; Chua, Sha Ping.
2003Battle for banking dominance : an analysis of the communication strategies employed by local banks in the 2001 mergers.Lim, Yin-Fern.
2013Beyond the Facebook post : a critical analysis of the online public sphere in Singapore.Su, Dickson Bingxing.
2003Communication strategies and public perceptions : a study of the National Trade Union Congress of Singapore.Tan, Steve Peng Hoe.
2017Discourses of linguistic instrumentalism and identity : the evolution of the speak good English movement in SingaporeTan, Samuel Wei Jian
2014Effects of personalisation and interactivity on the perception of politicians on InstagramGoh, Yan Hui; Tay, Ashley Shu Ren; Ho, Judith Hui Yi; Heng, Terence Joo Kuang
2014The effects of photographic and textual framing on public support and risk perception of controversial and non-controversial sciencesLee, Edmund Wei Jian
2004Emerging victorious against an outbreak : a case study of Singapore's Management of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in The Strait Times.Lee, Aileen.
2005Extent to which senior public relations managers influence strategic decision making in organisations.Fun, Yip.
2001Fear appeal in AIDS prevention messages targeted at adolescents.Wong, Donna Shy Yun.
2004Fear appeals and stigmatization in HIV/AIDS communications.Nguyen, Thi Thanh Huong.
2004Fighting the invisible enemy: public communication on the SARS outbreak in the People's Republic of China and Singapore.Yeo, Seow Ling.
2012For fit’s sake : an explication of proximal and distal social norms, and personal norms on healthy lifestyle behaviors through the influence of presumed media influence.Ng, Kaijie.; Leong, Grace Shu Hua.; Tham, Tiffany Hui Min.
2004Games politicians play : propaganda and the media, for better or for worse? a case study of the four American videos "shared values".Rita Zahara Mohamed Nazeer.
2004Health belief model : an investigation of the age-related risk perception of SARS in Singapore.Guo, Teyi.; Teh, Siew Wee.; Wu, Shangyuan.; Yeo, Peggy.
2004How the media impact on attitude toward thinness : a Singapore study.Tan, Sean Yew Siong.
2017The ideological landscape of Singapore English: Citizen representations of Singlish in forum lettersTan, Samuel Wei Jian
2004Impact of status cues in computer-mediated communication on perceptions of online political discussions.Lim, Corinne Xian-Li.; Swee, Debbie Sihui.; Tan, Kenny Wei Ping.