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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Affiliation stress : effects on the relationship between implicit motives and emotion recognition abilityGan, Priscilla Ning Hui
2017Avoidance in intercultural work contexts : the role of language self-efficacy, cultural intelligence, and interpersonal negative affectPeyrols Wu, Catherine Céline Marie-Françoise
2015The calming effects of maternal carrying in different mammalian speciesEsposito, Gianluca; Setoh, Peipei; Yoshida, Sachine; Kuroda, Kumi O.
2008Children and video games : association with aggression, addiction and school grades.Teo, Linda Lay Ching.
2011Comparing the effects of face-to-face, telephone and computer-mediated communications on self disclosure and emotional wellbeing.Yew, Chen Foong.
2013Crying with victims during crisis : how CEO's emoting impact stakeholders' perception of organizationVikneshwaran, Mano; Yeo, Yanping; Lee, Hui Zyi; Xu, Jinghui
2011Dance : negotiating emotion through motion.Chua, Nina Tsai Tse Pei.
2013Design of an interactive earphone simulator and results from a perceptual experimentLindborg, PerMagnus; Lim, Miracle J Y
2013Developing a methodological tool to study density and its effects on human emotionsZheng, Benjamin Wenbin; Tan, Jasmine Yan Ching; Lam, Joanna Hui Yi
2013Development of screenplay 'the competition'.Liau, Shu Juan.
2010Do preferences affect performanceWang, You Long.
2010Does narcissism predict Facebook activity over and beyond extraversion in an Asian adolescent sample?Ho, Jim Chun Mun.
2012EEG-based marketingMohammad Rizqi Hafiyyandi.
2012EEG-based pain managementChoo, Christopher Chiat How.
2018Effectiveness of relational & personal savoring on mothers of children with autism spectrum disorderNg, Valerie Shi Hui
2010Effects of anxiety sensitivity and cognitive emotion regulation on risky behaviors in Chinese adolescentsAng, Ping Jun
2010The effects of attributional style and empathy levels on the type of aggression displayed in adolescents.Koh, See Leng.
2010Effects of attributional style and empathy levels on the type of aggression displayed.Chen, Terri Huimin.
2016Effects of different processing orientation on recognition of multiple facial expressionsNg, Jian Ming
2014Effects of glucose rinsing on mood after helpingLaw, Xin Ning