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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Accounting for aerodynamic Interference effects for a quadplane in transition flightShahriar, Fahim
2020Aerodynamics of a carYeong, Dun Jie
2022CFD investigation of a distributed propulsion systemChng, Jia Yang
2023Comparison of small multirotor wake vortex of different weight class and rotor configurations via numerical simulationWang, John Chung-Hung; Nathanael, Joshua C.; Low, Kin Huat
2019Data-driven subgrid scale modelling with neural networksGangu,Vaishnavi
2023Design and sizing a new eVTOL aircraft (theoretical modelling, and electric flight analysis)Boon, Zhi Yuan
2022Design and sizing eVTOL aircraft (flight physics and flight simulation)Lim, Shi Jie
2022Design and sizing eVTOL aircraft (aerodynamics portion)Dikshit, Abhijnan
2019Development and validation of new simulation method for wake-vortex decay in ground proximity with artificial enhancementsParamasivam, Sindhu
2020Development of schlieren-image based flow diagnostics and analysis for supersonic jet flowsLim, Desmond Haoxiang
2023Development of two camera filtered thermography system for hypersonic ablation experimentYu, Chengxin
2020Development of unsteady three-dimensional lifting line model and its application in aeroelasticityChow, Earl Jun Zhong
2020Dynamic inflow-based analysis of pitch changes to hovering rotorBanerjee, Tridib
2021Experimental and numerical investigations on the aerodynamics of a simplified helicopter fuselageCheawchan, Atcha-uea
2021An experimental and numerical study on the effectiveness of automotive vortex generatorsKumar, Pasupuleti Pavan
2023An experimental investigation on finite wings with leading-edge protuberancesTeo, Marcus Jun Jie
2023An experimental investigation on tapered wings with leading-edge protuberancesEe, Marcus Joon Leng
2016Improving inlet performance of turbo-ramjet engine by using surface correctionNandhini Raju
2021Interactions between circular vortex-rings and free-surfacesLim, Xin Le
2022Investigating Galilean invariance in CFDYeo, Beverley Kai Wen