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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Carousel inspired virtual circulation : a simulation model for UAV arrival and landing procedure under random eventsKy, Gregoire; Alam, Sameer; Duong, Vu
2023Comprehension assessment method for attribute distinction among objectsYuen, Matthew Ming Shen
2020Concept of a long-range air traffic flow managementSchultz, Michael; Lubig, Daniel; Rosenow, Judith; Itoh, Eri; Athota, Srinivas; Duong, Vu N.
2022Human-guided safe and efficient trajectory replanning for unmanned aerial vehiclesZhang, Zezhong; Chen, Hao; Lye, Sun Woh; Lv, Chen
2023Image-based conflict detection with convolutional neural network under weather uncertaintyDang, Phuoc Huu; Mohamed Arif Bin Mohamed; Alam, Sameer
2022Impact of spatial orientation ability on air traffic conflict detection in a simulated free route airspace environmentZhong, Jimmy Y.; Goh, Sim Kuan; Woo, Chuan Jie; Alam, Sameer 
2021Implementation of a long-range air traffic flow management for the Asia-Pacific regionSchultz, Michael; Lubig, Daniel; Asadi, Ehsan; Rosenow, Judith; Itoh, Eri; Athota, Srinivas; Duong, Vu N.
2021Intelligent database design and analysis for aeronautical informationZhang, Rongsu
2022Interpretable tracking and detection of unstable approaches using tunnel Gaussian processGoh, Sim Kuan; Singh, Narendra Pratap; Lim, Zhi Jun; Alam, Sameer
2021Investigation and modeling of flight technical error (FTE) associated with UAS operating with and without pilot guidanceWang, John Chung-Hung; Ng, Ee Meng; Low, Kin Huat 
2022Investigation of using sky openness ratio as predictor for navigation performance in urban-like environment to support PBN in UTMDeng, Chao; Wang, John Chung-Hung; Low, Kin Huat
2020Machine learning algorithm to learn and predict aircraft/ engine type using engine noise dataJimmy
2018A machine learning approach on past ADS-B data to predict planning controller’s actionsPham, Duc-Thinh; Alam, Sameer; Su, Yi-Lin; Duong, Vu N.
2021A machine learning-based framework for aircraft maneuver detection and classificationDang, Phuoc H.; Tran, Phu N.; Alam, Sameer; Duong, Vu N.
2022A multi-agent reinforcement learning approach for flight speed control systemsKanupriya, Malhotra
2022A multi-agent reinforcement learning approach for system-level flight delay absorptionMalhotra, Kanupriya; Lim, Zhi Jun; Alam, Sameer
2023Parametric study of structured UTM separation recommendations with physics-based Monte Carlo distribution for collision risk modelWang, John Chung-Hung; Deng, Chao; Low, Kin Huat
2022Partially-observable monocular autonomous navigation for UAVs through deep reinforcement learningZhang, Yuhang; Low, Kin Huat ; Chen, Lyu 
2020Path planning for UAVS with MATLABYip, Pui Hay
2022Preliminary study on drone navigation in urban environments using visual odometry and partially observable Monte Carlo planningYu, Qing; Zhang, Mingcheng; Low, Kin Huat