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2021Data transmission and power supply for smart contact lensKim, Moobum
2020Development of electroless plating processes for low cost plastic-metallization and area-selective metal coating of three-dimensional structuresZhan, Jing
2021Heavy metals detection with paper-based electrochemical sensorsDing, Ruiyu; Cheong, Yi Heng; Ahamed, Ashiq; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2021Localized mirror-like surface electropolishing and void-free submillimeter-scale electrodeposition for fabrication of watch parts with complex geometriesLim, Chee Siong
2021Manganese dioxides for oxygen electrocatalysis in energy conversion and storage systems over full pH rangeYin, Mingming; He, Miao; Hu, Ruigan; Sun, Zixu; Li, Hong
2023Microcell and macrocell corrosion of steel bars and corrosion-induced concrete cracking in reinforced concrete slabsBui, Huy Tang
2021Nanostructured metal-organic-framework-derived materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversionZhang, Songlin
2019Novel earth-abundant and highly efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen and oxygen productionNsanzimana, Jean Marie Vianney
2021One-dimensional metal-organic nanowires-derived catalyst of carbon nanobamboos with encapsulated cobalt nanoparticles for oxygen reductionHong, Wei; Guo, Chenxi; Koh, See Wee; Ge, Junyu; Liu, Qing; Tu, Wenguang; Yao, Mengqi; Sun, Zixu; Xiao, Jianping; Li, Hong
2021Solar-driven hydrogen generation coupled with urea electrolysis by an oxygen vacancy-rich catalystYao, Mengqi; Ge, Junyu; Sun, Baolong; Hu, Jun; Koh, See Wee; Zhao, Yunxing; Fei, Jipeng; Sun, Zixu; Hong, Wei; Chen, Zhong; Hu, Wencheng; Li, Hong