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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020Automatic re-planning of lifting paths for robotized tower cranes in dynamic BIM environmentsDutta, Souravik; Cai, Yiyu; Huang, Lihui; Zheng, Jianmin
2023Detection of corrosion-induced cracks in reinforced concrete using Rayleigh wave methodChua, Isabelle Mui Koon
2018Development of 3D printable construction materialsToh, Fen Hui
2023Development of bacteria-based microcapsules for self-healing concreteXiao, Xi
2021Effect of aggregate surface texture on performance of asphalt concrete mixHaidar Ali Mohammad Rashid
2021Effect of printing parameters on material distribution in spray-based 3D concrete printing (S-3DCP)Lu, Bing; Li, Mingyang; Wong, Teck Neng; Qian, Shunzhi
2022Encapsulated bacteria for self-healing in UHP-ECCChen, Li Hui
2021Encapsulating bacteria in reactive magnesia cement for self-healing concreteTan, Ashley Ching Yee
2022Feasibility study of novel bacteria-based self-healing concreteHo, Dion Shen Wee
2020Fire resistance of high-strength self-compacting concreteAbdul Rahman Abdul Aziz
2019Influence of fibre aspect ratio on rheological performance for 3D printable materialsAngellee, Raymond Rafael
2022Intelligent lift motion planning for autonomous tower cranes in dynamic BIM environmentsDutta, Souravik
2021Investigate the effects of molarity on the strength of geopolymersToh, Wen Chang
2021Investigating the effects of mass ratios and molarities on the compressive strengths and formation of efflorescence in geopolymer concretesWei, Longtai
2017Literature review on fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) properties and test results used to establish such properties in numerical modellingFung, Tat Ching; Tan, Kang Hai; Yu, Qingjun; Li, Gen; Tu, Huan
2021Nozzle head design and simulation for higher interlayer strength of 3-D printed concreteHee, Yu Sheng
2020Optimization of material for 3D concrete printing with recycled glassHwang, Benjamin Soon Yew
2020Predicting earthquake magnitude error with regression, decision tree & random forestAntony, Tommy
2021Punching shear strength of concrete slab with various corroded reinforcing barLiwanto, Richie
2023Smart sensing for building management systemKu Chia, Tzu Pei