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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Active mobility device parking characteristics at MRT stationsNg, Yi Shien
2023Adoption & uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in SingaporeTei, Cleavon Hao Wei
2022Assessment of atmospheric pollutant emissions by ships using the Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo probabilistic forecasting algorithmLiu, Jiahui
2021Bikeability and bike-way network design problemZhu, Siying
2019Bus Ride Index – a refined approach to evaluating road surface irregularitiesNguyen, Teron; Lechner, Bernhard; Wong, Yiik Diew; Tan, Jun Yew
2023Carsharing services with electric vehiclesLim, Hong Shen
2022The complexity in transportation systems: the study of a bus loopVismara, Luca
2021Cooperative intersection management for mixed trafficLoh, Yi Xun
2021Cooperative intersection management for mixed trafficLim, Wei Yang
2022Data driven interaction-aware trajectory prediction for urban drivingHu, Zongyao
2021Data-driven integrated approach to airport demand managementCheung, Wai Lun
2020Data-driven research on vehicles' risky lane-changing manoeuvreChen, Tianyi
2023Deep learning-based traffic flow prediction and traffic management system for urban transportation networksZhao, Han
2022Design, optimization and simulation of trad­able mobility creditsLiu, Renming
 2021Dynamic capacity and variable runway configurations in airport slot allocationCheung, Wai Lun; Piplani, Rajesh; Alam, Sameer; Bernard-Peyre, Lionel
2019Effect of cycling inactivity and cycling speed on hazard mitigationTan, Song Keat
2022Expanded travel behaviour model with travel-based multitaskingSun, Shanshan
2020Exploration of operating speed environment to calm traffic in urban areasShankari Balakrishnan
2020Guide-evacuee-obstacle interaction enabled evacuation dynamics from school facilities : analysis and simulationWang, Ke
2023Impact of weather factors on traffic conditions and road safety: a case study of Pan Island Expressway in SingaporeSim, Jack Jia Jing