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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Application of deep learning in music visualisationHaziq Yusoff Abdul Wahab
2020Blockchain for mobile applicationsSoe, Paing Thu
2023Brain-wave (EEG) recognition using transformers, an emerging machine learning techniqueHe, Linyi
2023Co-located mobile game for teaching teamworkTeng, Sok Ee
2021CZ3007 Compiler techniques lab project : design & development of a RDP generator applicationLim, David Samuel Pek Cheng
2022Data-driven sales/demand forecasting in supply chain 4.0 systemChen, Weizheng
2020Deep learning methods for scene text detectionLiu, Zichuan
2022Design and develop a game for young students to learn essential programming skills: KodeFloLee, Jia Wei
2022Design and develop an educational AR book-based application for wild SingaporeCheong, Yu Hang
2021Design and development of an online platform for peer tutorial schemeHeng, Nadine Nyi Zheng
2022Design and implementation of a PokéHub mobile appKoppar, Devansh Sunil
2019Detecting passive fatigue with brain-computer interface in drowsy driving and stroke rehabilitationFoong, Ruyi
2023Development of an intelligent insect-machine hybrid system and its application to create insect-inspired robotTran, Ngoc Phuoc Thanh
2023Effective visualization of human cancer signalling networkWang, Qiaochu
2019Effectiveness of multiplayer in brain training gamesPoh, Ban Hoe
2021Epsilon, a cluster scheduler for Kubernetes clustersNeo, Alex Jing Hui
2022Fast and robust visual SLAM for dynamic environmentsSingh Gaurav
2021A fingerprint recognition system for cyber securityChen, Yixuan
2022GDCEngine: an end-to-end machine learning engine for green data center control optimization with digital twinsZhang, Xinyi
2021Girl codeNavarro Jirah Marie Bathan