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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Attendance or Response Ware System using Raspberry PiLeow, Hui Si
2023Building efficient and practical machine learning systemsHu, Qinghao
2023Byzantine fault-tolerant quorums for atomic read-modify-write operations on erasure coded dataSiddharth, Meenachi Sundaram
2021Design and development of a portable attendance / response-ware systemTan, Jun Ming
2023Design and development of a portable attendance / response-ware system (WANET - Fireflies)Halim, Ferlita
2022Distributed system for time-sensitive applications with multiple execution options (MEO)Lim, Jia En
2023Distributed task offloading in a multi-tier cloud infrastructurePandey, Pratyush Kumar
2023Edge/cloud resource management for time-sensitive applicationsWoon, Yoke Min
2023Edge/cloud task offloading for time-sensitive applications: a hybrid approach with ant colony optimization and simulated annealingRamasubramanian, Shreya
2020Exploiting LoRaWAN for efficient and resilient IoT networksGu, Chaojie
2020Federated deep learning for edge computing (part I)See, Ian Soong En
2021In-memory analytical query processing on GPUsPaul, Johns
2023Interpersonal distance tracking with mmWave radar and IMUsDai, Yimin; Shuai, Xian; Tan, Rui; Xing, Guoliang
2023Provenance graph generation for intrusion detectionChew, Perlyn Jie Ying
2021Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) by using multiple camerasHe, Calvin Jia Jie
2021Smart collection routing problems: an optimization approachTan, Nicklaus Jun Wei
2021A survey of microarchitectural side-channel vulnerabilities, attacks, and defenses in cryptographyLou, Xiaoxuan; Zhang, Tianwei; Jiang, Jun; Zhang, Yinqian
2019Towards audio-assist cognitive computing : algorithms and applicationsLiu, Ziyuan
2020Twittener : aggregated news platformTien, Jake Jie Jun