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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A delay resilient approach in cyber physical systems for Industrial IoTRawal, Akshay
2022A distributed deep learning-driven edge caching strategy for industrial IoT networksShen, Li Qin
2023Distributed task offloading in a multi-tier cloud infrastructurePandey, Pratyush Kumar
2023Edge/cloud task offloading for time-sensitive applications: a hybrid approach with ant colony optimization and simulated annealingRamasubramanian, Shreya
2020Elderly monitoring systemWang, Guo Wei
2021An embedded platform-based cluster computerLokanathan Vanchinathan Sree Bagvath
2023Energy-efficient clustering: optimal cluster head location algorithms accounting for prohibited region in wireless sensor networksShi, Guang
2020Enhancing spectrum efficiency through hybrid-duplex systems for aeronautical communicationsTan, Ernest Zheng Hui
2020Exploiting Induced skin electric potential for body-area IoT system functionsYan, Zhenyu
2022Hardware-software co-design and optimization for point-to-point network-on-chip based many-core systemsChen, Hui
2021Investigation of security functions in 5G wireless networksYan, Ruoda
2022Lightweight privacy preservation techniques for deep learning and inference in Internet of ThingsJiang, Linshan
2020Low-power LoRa wind sensorHo, Jervis Xing Xian
2020Machine learning models for patent examinationWang, Yanqing
2021Network analysis and traceability on monero blockchainPhua, Jia Sheng
2021Schedule randomization based countermeasures against timing attacks in real-time wireless networksSamaddar, Ankita
2022Securing the Internet of Things using machine learningIlango, Harun Surej
2021Security verification of network protocolsChong, Yew Heng
2022Server allocation for massively multiplayer online cloud gamesZhao, Meiqi
2022Wireless mesh networkingTan, Ethel Mei Shuang