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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20233D human reconstruction for monitoring and predicting rehab therapeutic exerciseBian, Hengwei
20203D interactions for a virtual museumQuah, David Yew Seng
2021Approximate intrinsic voxel structure for point cloud simplificationLv, Chenlei; Lin, Weisi; Zhao, Baoquan
2021AR card game design & implementationEmmanuelle Vania
2021Discrete differential geometry driven methods for architectural geometryYao, Sidan
2022Free-form deformation of solid geometric modelsNg, Zhi Yu
2023Human perception guided model simplificationSeenivasan Sashwath Ravilla
2020Intelligent 3D modelling using evolution principleOng, Wayne Chan Chi
2019Investigation of accurate fringe analysis techniques for fringe projection profilometryAgarwal Nimisha
2020Machine learning-based image demosaicingZhou, Huan
2023Noise propagation analysis with web-based scene modellingZhang, Wanyi
2022Obtaining surface normals of 3D objects using photometric stereo techniquesPak, Elaine Xinyi
2022Occlusion-aware stroke-based drawing, inbetweening, and paintingJiang, Jie
2019Parallel simplification and compression of reality captured modelsKoh, Naimin
2020Place recognition for indoor navigationWee, Jun Hao
2019Semantic mapping for articulated objectsLuar, Shui Song
 2019Shading‐based surface recovery using subdivision‐based representationDeng, Teng; Zheng, Jianmin; Cai, Jianfei; Cham, Tat-Jen
2022Sonification of geometryDarmadji, Nicholas Irving
2023Visualization for computer graphics conceptsAbdul Siddiq Bin Mohd Yussaini
2022Visualization of 3D neuronal networksShao, LuJie