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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022AI for FinancePhoe, Chuan Bin
2022Application of machine learning in the forecast of stock indexSugianto, Jason Jonathan
2021Aspect-based sentiment analysis for user profilesNg, Zhiyong
2021Automated abuse detection of privacy policyTan, Soo Yong
2021Automated source code summarization via transformerViswen Kumar Mariammalle
2021Bayesian social reinforcement for stock trend predictionFoo, Marcus Jun Rong
2022BERT named entity recognition on emergency response systemChua, Clarita Wyn Kay
2022Building generalizable models for discourse phenomena evaluation and machine translationJwalapuram, Prathyusha
2021Building SenticNet 7Perh, Zhi Hao
2020Context based patent classification and search : part AYoong, Jia Hui
2022Correlation analysis between Reddit sentiments and Ether (ETH) price actionLeah, Castillo
2023Deep learning for optical character recognition in online imagesLim, Yi Xian
2021Deep learning techniques for text classificationRaihan, Diardano
2021Deep learning-based automatic document categorization and organizationFoo, Shawn Nicholas Say Yan
2022Deep metric based feature engineering to Improve document-level representation for document clusteringXu, Liwen
2022Deep-learning for conversational speech using semantic textual analysisSuthakar, Shiny Gladdys
2023Detecting hazardous events from online news and social mediaLiu, Zinan
2022Event detection for biomedical textPham, Nguyen Minh Thu
2023Event detection for cyber security news articlesHuang, Jovan Tian Chun
2022Event detection from social media on COVID-19Ho, Yin Wee