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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20232D and 3D visual understanding with limited supervisionWu, Zhonghua
20232D/3D image registration using deep learningDai, Yuhe
20213D human modellingTan, Jia Le
20193D human motion recovery from a single video using dense spatio-temporal features with exemplar-based approachLeong, Mei Chee; Lin, Feng; Lee, Yong Tsui
20223D image reconstruction based on current stereo vision techniquesChan, Favian Jun Wei
20233D mapping with depth sensing camerasJek, Howard Kai Zhi
20233D virtual try-on with human parsingTay, Yu Xuan
2021Accurate detection of structural edges of a room in a photograph using openCV canny edge detector in pythonTan, Nicholas Jia Long
2021Addressing challenges in real-world image classification : long-tailed distribution and knowledge distillationWang, Yiming
2022Adversarial attack defences for neural networkSingh Kirath
2023Adversarial attacks and defenses for visual signalsCheng, Yupeng
2021An AI carTeo, Ken Zi
2021Approximate intrinsic voxel structure for point cloud simplificationLv, Chenlei; Lin, Weisi; Zhao, Baoquan
2021AR card game design & implementationEmmanuelle Vania
2020Architecture and algorithm development for generative adversarial networksYazici, Yasin
2020Atomic action recognition and activity analysis focusing on meeting room scenariosWei, Yijian
2022Attack on prediction confidence of deep learning neural networksNg, Garyl Xuan
2021Attack on training effort of deep learningChan, Wen Le
2022Attack on training effort of deep learningHo, Tony Man Tung
2023The augmented human - visual movement magnificationTan, Ryan Jinn-En