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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adversarial attacks on RNN-based deep learning systemsLoi, Chii Lek
2021Applying machine learning and optimization to high-throughput experimentationLow, Andre Kai Yuan
2024Clustering and prediction of the driving style in the cut-in processXiao, Hongzhao
2022CoPEM: cooperative perception error models for autonomous drivingPiazzoni, Andrea; Cherian, Jim; Vijay, Roshan; Chau, Lap-Pui; Dauwels, Justin
2021Crash of social networks with cherished connections : a simulation studyNur Diana Zainuren
2021Deep learning for ground penetrating radar image processingKoh, Leonard Deng Liang
2022Deep learning for humanlike character motion control in VR table tennisTan, Wen Jie
2023Development of simulation platforms and computer vision techniques for vision-based UAV operationsTan, Tiong Kai
2022Disentangling action content and style from motion capture sequences of standardised rehabilitation tasksTan, Shauna Li-Ting
2023A domain decomposition technique for generation and scattering of acoustic wavesLim, Wei Xian
2022EEG-based stress recognition using deep learning techniquesSyabil Kwajah
2021Efficient methodology and algorithms for resilience analysis of critical infrastructure systems subjected to natural hazardsHao, Changyu
2019Efficient parallel simulation over large-scale social contact networksWu, Yulin; Cai, Wentong; Li, Zengxiang; Tan, Wen Jun; Hou, Xiangting
2023Enhancing fixed transit services with demand-responsive limited-stop services considering alternative routesLee, Kelvin; Jiang, Yu; Dauwels, Justin; Su, Rong
2023Evaluating the impact of crowd flow control on disease spreadChua, Yixuan
2021Forecasting prices of alternative assetsSamay, Panwar
2021A game for VR playersTang, Heem Yew
2019Generation of 3D building models from archived city area maps by fusing information from multiple sourcesDong, Chaoqun; Martel, Roman; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius
2021A generative adversarial imitation learning approach for realistic aircraft taxi-speed modellingPham, Duc-Thinh; Tran, Thanh-Nam; Alam, Sameer ; Duong, Vu N. 
2020Intelligent order matching for uber-like shareable vehicle systemsWong, Harrison Jun Yong