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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Context-aware next point-of-interest recommendation with uncertain check-insZhang, Lu
2021Context-based recommendationLim, Zi Heng
2022Cross-blockchain architecture for secure storage and verification of vaccination recordsLim, Jasper Bing Hong
2022Data augmentation for name entity recognitionKyaw, Zin Tun
2022Development of distributed consensus protocol for multi-unmanned aerial vehicle coordinationTan, Seet Ynn
2021Evaluation of semi-supervised classification algorithms with deep contextualizes document representationsYong, Hao
2021A hybrid bandit framework for diversified recommendationDing, Qinxu; Liu, Yong; Miao, Chunyan; Cheng, Fei; Tang, Haihong
2023Know-your-customer process for the blockchainLam, Denise Jing Xuan
2023Lost n found web applicationMaung, Aye Myint
2021Lost n found web applicationMuhammad Akbar Paimin
2021Network analysis and traceability on monero blockchainPhua, Jia Sheng
2020NTU exam question answer forum systemFong, Hou Jun
2022Open domain question answering systemHoang, Nghia Tuyen
2021Personalised recommendation : challenges and experimental issuesChin, Jin Yao
2021Reliable data recovery from errors due to noisy channel during transmissionYeoh, Nur Sabrina Iskandar Abdullah
 2019ResumeGAN : an optimized deep representation learning framework for talent-job fit via adversarial learningLuo, Yong; Zhang, Huaizheng; Wen, Yonggang; Zhang, Xinwen
2020The SCSE memory projectOng, Han Xiang
2020Seed-driven document ranking for systematic reviews in evidence-based medicineLee, Eunkyung
2022A system for research data governanceChua, Chiah Soon
2022Timely dropout prediction with learner behavior dataLiu, Kai