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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Activity monitor and management system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)Roxas, Abby Maurea Imus
2021Analysis on construction industry specific web-based systemsSaw, Jia Yi
2023Android apps development for video processingQuek, Shen An
2020Android mobile application for university transition and academic discussion EEEBuddyWeng, Yuejuan
2022APP development of scientific calculator with flutter framework: part a. design of APP page layout and user interfaceHeng, Yang Zhi
2021Big data analytics for smart transportationNeoh, Rachael Li Yii
2023Capture the flag challenge: design and implementationOong, Jie Xiang
2020Code quality assessment tool (CQAT)Siow, Yuan Kae
 2022Collate: collaborative neural network learning for latency-critical edge systemsHuai, Shuo; Liu, Di; Kong, Hao; Luo, Xiangzhong; Liu, Weichen; Subramaniam, Ravi; Makaya, Christian; Lin, Qian
2021Converting an image into a network of Bezier curvesPeh, Justin Zhao Dong
2023Decentralized finance (DeFi) applicationsAng, Hao Jun
2021Decentralized food delivery application powered by ethereum smart contractCasuarina Abdul Karim
2023Decentralized marketplace for digital assets empowered by smart contractsGarg, Astha
2022Deep image inpainting macOS/iOS applicationMaung Ye Win Aung
2022Design and develop a game for young students to learn essential programming skills: KodeFloLee, Jia Wei
2021Design and development of a casual mobile game (B)Chow, Siew Teng
2022The design and implementation of a 3D wedding planning applicationCao, Yufei
2022Design for good - a mobile application to encourage Singaporeans to be more activeLee, Jia Zhi
2022Develop a mobile-first educational tool for university studentsKoh, Swee Sen
2021Development of a hybrid teleconference application with personalized avatarsNg, Zheng Hao