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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2016A 1 V 103 dB 3rd-order audio continuous-time ΔΣ ADC with enhanced noise shaping in 65 nm CMOSLeow, Yoon Hwee; Tang, Howard; Sun, Zhuochao; Siek, Liter
202014 functions for interactive hero-centric story generationJiang, Nan
201914.3 A 43pJ/cycle non-volatile microcontroller with 4.7μs shutdown/wake-up integrating 2.3-bit/cell resistive RAM and resillence techniquesWu, Tony F.; Le, Binh Q.; Radway, Robert; Bartolo, Andrew; Hwang, William; Jeong, Seungbin; Li, Haitong; Tandon, Pulkit; Vianello, Elisa; Vivet, Pascal; Nowak, Etienne; Wootters, Mary K.; Wong, Philip H.-S.; Mohamed M. Sabry Aly; Beigne, Edith; Mitra, Subhasish
 20193D articulated skeleton extraction using a single consumer-grade depth cameraLu, Xuequan; Deng, Zhigang; Luo, Jun; Chen, Wenzhi; Yeung, Sai-Kit; He, Ying
20223D beamforming based on deep learning for secure communication in 5G and beyond wireless networksYang, Helin; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Nie, Jiangtian; Zhao, Jun; Garg, Sahil; Xiao, Liang; Xiong, Zehui; Guizani, Mohsen
 20233D class A Bézier curves with monotone curvatureWang, Aizeng; He, Chuan; Zheng, Jianmin; Zhao, Gang
20223D human reconstruction from point clouds based on parametric modelsChua, Peng Shaun
20213D multi-modality medical image registration with GAN-based synthetic image augmentationGuo, Zhiwei
20223D multi-modality medical image registration with synthetic image augmentation using CycleGANMukherjee, Mitali Nirmallya
20223D point cloud analysisChiong, Mervyn Jia Rong
20223D point cloud analyticsPng, Samuel Yao Wei
20223D surface analysis of coral microatollsGautam, Rohan
 20216G internet of things: a comprehensive surveyNguyen, Dinh C.; Ding, Ming; Pathirana, Pubudu N.; Seneviratne, Aruna; Li, Jun; Niyato, Dusit; Dobre, Octavia; Poor, H. Vincent
 2021ABCDM : an Attention-based Bidirectional CNN-RNN Deep Model for sentiment analysisBasiri, Mohammad Ehsan; Nemati, Shahla; Abdar, Moloud; Cambria, Erik; Acharya, U. Rajendra
 2017Accelerating BLAS and LAPACK via efficient floating point architecture designMerchant, Farhad; Chattopadhyay, Anupam; Raha, Soumyendu; Nandy, S. K.; Narayan, Ranjani
 2020Accelerating computer vision algorithms on heterogeneous edge computing platformsPrakash, Alok; Ramakrishnan, Nirmala; Garg, Kratika; Srikanthan, Thambipillai
2023Accelerating gustavson-based SpMM on embedded FPGAs with element-wise parallelism and access pattern-aware cachesLi, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen
 2022Access management in joint sensing and communication systems: efficiency versus fairnessNguyen, Trung Thanh; Elbassioni, Khaled; Luong, Nguyen Cong; Niyato, Dusit; Kim, Dong In
 2022An accuracy controllable and memory efficient method for computing high-quality geodesic distances on triangle meshesAdikusuma, Yohanes Yudhi; Du, Jie; Fang, Zheng; He, Ying
2022Accurate and robust detection and recognition of texts in sceneXue, Chuhui