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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20212-D switched-beam leaky-wave antenna system using butler matrixLu, Chongqing
20215G base-station antenna arrayLi, Tianqi
20225G-band millimeter wave patch array antennaWang, Wenhao
2020Absorptive frequency-selective structures and their applications in antenna systems of low radar cross sectionHuang, Hao
2022Angle-selective surface based on multi-layered frequency-selective surfacesHong, Yujing
2023Angle-selective surface made of multi-layered frequency-selective surfacesChen, Leo Xing Rong
2022Antenna array design and analysisAng, Bertrand Jun Jie
2020Antenna sizing and testing of SCOOBI nano-satelliteZahier Afiq Zainal Abidin
2021Application of golden ratios in non-uniform linear array designHuang, Yi
2019Application of planar helix slow-wave structure in backward-wave oscillatorsMookkannoor Muraleedharan Nair Ajith Kumar
2021Automated artefacts detection and removal in remote sensing optical imageriesGuancia, Dustin Joseph Co
2021Beam-scanning leaky-wave antennas for 5G and satellite applicationsWei, Shuping
2020Beamsteering antennas using liquid crystals for 5G applicationsDivya Krishnan
2020A clover-shaped circularly polarised antenna for satellite systemsRajagopal, Divya
2020Coding metasurface to reduce RCSHo, Desmond Zheng Nam
2020Communication systems within SMRT tunnelYap, Danny Jian Huang
2023Compact and wide-band antennas of omni-directional radiationTeo, Joshua Choon Wee
2021A compact time-domain 16PSK chipless RFID tag design for IoT sensing applicationFeng, Songhai
2023Contactless ECG prediction via FMCW radar by a multi-task conv-trans netYan, Mingxue
2021Deep learning for emulating bio-electromagnetic interactions in MRILim, Shannon Shi Mei