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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A 4D imaging radar SLAM system for large-scale environments based on pose graph optimizationZhuge, Huayang
2023Active stiffening for soft multi-rotor dronesPeh, Yu Yun
2022AiNavUT: an intelligent navigation system for unmanned tractor in airportZhou, Yichen
2023Analysis of human navigation and force exertion in picking and placing task for robot learning from demonstrationWu, Tong
2022Anomaly detection for autonomous driving vehiclesChen, Kuilin
2022Application of machine learning for autonomous robots in a simplified environmentGeraldo, Kent Howard
2022Application of reinforcement learning for autonomous combatHuang, Andrian
2022Artificial neural pathway based on a memristor synapse for optically mediated motion learningHe, Ke; Liu, Yaqing; Yu, Jiancan; Guo, Xintong; Wang, Ming; Zhang, Liandong; Wan, Changjin; Wang, Ting; Zhou, Changjiu; Chen, Xiaodong
2021Autonomous camera-gimbal system for vision-based robotic applicationsLai, Qi Xiong
2020Autonomous navigation of mobile robots using visual servoingLim, Zhi Xuan
2022Autonomous robot platform for environment inspection and 3D modellingAng, Jiun Lock
2022Autonomous UAV perching on ledgeYe, Han
2023Build and control a novel hybrid flying-moving robotXu, Xinhang
2022Calibration of LiDARs with object detection methodGao, Jingtong
2023Capability analysis and simulation for robot-based warehouse automationYang, Yubo
2023CNN-based detector-free geometric verification for visual place recognitionJi, Zhongwei
2021Collaborative robotics and its paradigms for industrial manipulatorsWeng, Ching-Yen
2023Combined 2D and 3D features for robust RGB-D visual odometryCai, Pei
2018A consistent and long-term mapping approach for navigationZhang, Handuo; Karunasekera, Hasith; Wang, Han
2023Context-aware techniques and decision-making in autonomous mobile robot path planningLim, Jia Sheng