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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adaptive cooperative control of multi-agent systemsZou, Ying
2022Advanced demand-controlled ventilation strategies for ACMV systemsLi, Bingxu
2023Brain-wave (EEG) recognition using transformers, an emerging machine learning techniqueHe, Linyi
2020Control of wind energy systemsMohamed Essif Barkhaya Yahya
2023Decentralized optimization methods for solving social profit optimization problems in electricity marketWang, Jianzheng
2020Design and experiment of high accuracy pitot tube measurement in HVAC systemsHeng, Jing Kun
2020Development of a learning system for convolutional neural networkLiu, Hang
2023Development of a mobile application for wearable biosensorAo, Ziyu
2021Experiment study on the performance of the tri-mode thermosiphon beamFedi
2021Experimental study on the control of HVAC systemNg, Yu Lin
2022Indoor tracking with iBeacon localisationButt, Racheal Jia En
2021LabVIEW automatic control systemAw, Nixon Han Wei
2022Model-based estimation of interaction force between human and collaborative robotHu, Yihao
2020Multimodal multiobjective location selectionSivaraman, Shanmugapriya
2023Permanent magnet servo control systems using artificial neural networkTan, Jian An
2023Program design for chip-based quantum key distribution (QKD)Tan, Jewell Shi Rong
2020Ranging-based adaptive navigation for autonomous micro aerial vehiclesNguyen, Pham Nhat Thien Minh
2021Reinforcement learning based algorithm design for robot manipulator task planningGui, Shun
2022Resilient synchronization of networked robotic systems in adversarial environmentChen, Hongjian
2021Simulation studies of fractional-order control systemsPhoon, Pei Cong