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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Adoption & uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in SingaporeTei, Cleavon Hao Wei
2023Analysis and design of a power supplyZhou, Jing
2022Battery ultra-fast charging protocol (UFC) of lithium-ion batteries (LIB)Salman Taha Aljunied
2023Coordinated operation approach for heat and electricity integrated energy systemsVinod, Ashwin
2021Cross domain clustering of chemical and electrical network in a chemical plantLee, Bryan Zhen Yuan
2023Design of a low-cost multiple output switch mode power supplyTay, Leon Wei Sheng
2021Development of electrical machines for hostile environmentWang, Shuai
2021Development of modern electric motors for small electric vehiclesKoduru, Preethi
2023Development, sizing and testing of containerized microgrid solutionGaurav Mani Gupta
2022Efficient electric motor optimization using approximation model-based genetic algorithmsCheng, Ze
2023Energy storage system modeling and control for power grid servicesZhou, Qidi
2022Exploring microgrid design and optimization using Homer Pro in SingaporeLim, Li Ying
2021Failure analysis and prediction for DCD relay in the application of power systemWong, Kenneth Hui Zhong
2022Failure analysis for power systems - software interface designLim, Yi Jian
2022Hardware design and optimization of a three-level three-phase solar inverterWang, Zixuan
2020Holistic management of mobile energy storage resources in coupled power and transportation systemsLiu, Xiaochuan
2021Measurement setup consideration and implementation for inductively coupled online impedance extractionZhao, Zhenyu
2022Model predictive control for microgrid applicationsLiang, Yu
2022Modelling and control of distributed energy resources in electric distribution gridsLiu, Qing
2023Multi-time scale rolling optimal dispatch for microgrids with high renewable penetrationYeo, Wen Hui