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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Aging-aware battery dispatch optimization for grid applicationsKumtepeli, Volkan
2021Ampacity and thermal equivalent modeling of subsea power cables for long distance power transmission and optimizationDuraisamy, Nishanthi
2022Analytical approximations and decision-making techniques for power systems under uncertaintyPareek, Parikshit
2022Anomaly detection in smart grids using machine learningLi, Xiang
2022Battery lifetime extension in a stand-alone microgrid with flexible power point tracking of photovoltaic systemYan, Hein Wai; Farivar, Glen G.; Beniwal, Neha; Tafti, Hossein Dehghani; Ceballos, Salvador; Pou, Josep; Konstantinou, Georgios
2023Comparative analysis of power ramp rate control strategies for photovoltaic systemsYan, Hein Wai; Liang, Gaowen; Rodriguez, Ezequiel; Beniwal, Neha; Farivar, Glen G.; Pou, Josep
2020Control of a transformer-less grid connected solar photovoltaic generation systemDuan, Xiaowei
2019Cooperative bidding-based robust optimal energy management of multimicrogridsSampath, Lahanda Purage Mohasha Isuru; Krishnan, Ashok; Foo, Eddy Yi Shyh; Gooi, Hoay Beng
2020Cybersecurity in smart gridGao, Jingquan
2023Data analytics for active girdsFei, Siqi
2023Data-driven control and operation of cyber-physical microgrid systemsXia, Yang
2023Data-driven smart home energy management based on proximal policy optimizationMa, Aoxiang
2021Design and control of a droop-controlled microgridLi, Yaohua
2020Design and development of an energy management system (EMS) for smart gridWong, Melissa Hui Xian
2020Design of a load frequency control scheme for multiple generators based on economic dispatchPhua, Chun Boon
2020Development of an Optimal Power Flow model for Singapore’s Power Grid based on ontology and the J-Park SimulatorFoo, Joel Cejun
2021Development of electrical machines for hostile environmentWang, Shuai
2020Distribution system for service restoration part 5Alzam Abdul Ghani
2020Distribution system reconfiguration for service restoration : part 1Chay, Jin Zhen
2021Effect of rooftop photovoltaics (PV) on power systemsNg, Joshua Yu Han