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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Advanced machine learning approach for restoring smart gridsChia, Yi Chen
2023AI-based power system stability assessment and GUI designPeng, Xuerui
2022Alkaline seawater electrolysis at industrial level: recent progress and perspectiveZhang, Tao; Liu, Yipu; Ye, Qitong; Fan, Hong Jin
2022Analysis of significant factors on transformer failure by the Cox proportional hazards modelXu, Qianxin
2023Artificial intelligence driven real-time decision-making framework for hierarchical energy management system (Hi-EMS) under dynamically changing scenariosTan, Jeremy Min Ze
2023Blockchain-based relayer services: batching and submitting multiple energy transactions in a meta-transactionMa, Siteng
2022Cable insulation health VIWu, Jolene Shi Yan
2021Coil design for wireless power transfer systemsWang, Jun Ming
2021Computationally efficient and scalable optimization approaches for integrated energy management systemsDan, Mainak
2021Conceptual framework for blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading in a community microgridTan, Ter Ren
2023Control of a 3 level PWM inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic generation systemsYu, Chengzhuo
2023Coordinated operation approach for heat and electricity integrated energy systemsVinod, Ashwin
2019Coordinated power management for islanded microgridsLin, Pengfeng
2021Data-analytics for Li-ion battery health estimationChan, Hong Sen
2020Data-driven battery health monitoringLiu, Xiaoyu
2021Data-driven health estimation of Li-ion battery energy storage systemsYang, Yesen
2021Data-driven small-signal stability assessment of power systemsWang, Xurui
2023Data-driven voltage control of active distribution networksGuo, Chenxi
2022DC power supply system based on parallel battery modules and its HMI displayJiao, Yuting
2023Decentralized optimization methods for solving social profit optimization problems in electricity marketWang, Jianzheng