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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Adaptive multi-scale graph and convolutional fusion networks for hyperspectral image classificationZhou, Hao
2023Advanced active noise control headphone: algorithm and implementationShen, Xiaoyi
2020Algorithms and implementations to overcome practical issues in active noise control systemsShi, Dongyuan
2023Audio spectrogram deception detectionGao, Ziqi
2022Automatic question generation from freeform textZheng, Xinyue
2021Automatic wrinkle detection and wrinkle evaluationZhang, Yuxian
2021Classification of distressed sounds using CNN/C-RNNLoh, Zhen Ann
2021Controllable music : supervised learning of disentangled representations for music generationWatcharasupat, Karn N.
2019Cyclostationary beamforming for multiple cycle frequencies estimation and detectionYang, John Xingguang
2023Deep learning based channel estimation for OFDM systemAhmad Erfan Hilme Haji Bakri
2022Deep learning-based video forgery detectionCao, Xinyi
2019Design of information hiding in imageCao, Yun
2020Design of recursive digital filters using frequency-response masking techniqueLiu, Qinglai
2021Development of a WiFI based human activity detection and recognition systemJi, Junwei
2023Directional hear-through techiques for acoustic transparency to deliver augmented/mixed reality audio experiences over hearablesGupta, Rishabh
2020Edge and curvilinear structures detection on medical images via unsupervised, adaptive and deep learning approachesDharmawan, Dhimas Arief
2021Edge processing in IoT using approximate and in-memory computingBose, Sumon Kumar
2022EEG-based emotion recognition using deep learningSamriddhi, Govil
2020EEG-based mental workload analysis for multitasking testing and training systemsLim, Wei Lun
2020EEG-based stress recognition using deep learning techniquesNur Irsalina Zainudin