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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
202116 bits high speed CMOS multiplier IC designWut Yee Win Thoung
202232-bit low power-delay-product arithmetic-logic unit designRen, Jialu
20208-bit asynchronous dynamic reference analog-to-digital converter designAdhika, Joseph Taruna
2019An approach for circuit design optimization based on complexity considerationsTan, Aaron Zhi Quan
2021Automatic electric reel line winderYong, Chuan Kian
2022Automatic electric reel line winderLim, Elena Zhi Qi
2022A buffer based low dropout regulator with fast transient responseMuhammad Irwandy Kamarudin
2023A current-balancing circuit for multiple light-emitting-diode (LED) stringsHuang, Jiayi
2021Design and analysis of RF low noise amplifierTan, Sean
2022Design and analysis of SRAM-based PUFs for security applicationsWang, Zhipeng
2021Design and control of power converters for wireless power transfer systemAng, Wilson Han Chuan
2020Design and development of carnival games 6Chew, Si Min
2022Design and development of multi-level inverter with reduced switch count and voltage boosting capabilityTan, Andy Jun Ji
2021Design and implementation of voltage regulator for a power supplyTay, Edwin Jun Kiat
2020Design automation for camouflage circuitsNg, Chuan Seng
2021Design of a battery-operated portable DC power supply. Part 1 : voltage output controlSaw, Khai Guan
2022Design of a CMOS relaxation oscillator with reduced circuit sensitivityLiao, Yizhuo
2020Design of a high efficiency and low power rectifier circuitry for energy harvesterZhang, Siyuan
2020Design of a low-cost multiple output switch mode power supplyXiao, Yueyi
2023The design of a successive approximation register (SAR) ADC for BMSHuang, Junwei