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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An assessment of river water quality : case study of Johor River basin, MalaysiaPak, Hui Ying
2022Benchmarking of hierarchical bayesian model aggregation, xgboost and optimal band ratio analysis (OBRA) models for total suspended sediments retrieval from remote sensingPak, Hui Ying; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Lin, Weisi
2022Demand side management for smart buildingsChan, Scott Jian Yang
2022Development of novel molecular tools to study the dynamics of individual SAR11 phylotypes in microbial communitiesPoorna, Weerarathna Vidanage
2023Effect of surface albedo of urban fabrics on urban climate in tropical areaLong, Yongping
2023Environmental sustainability of vegetablesKoh, Lam Pin
2022Growing buildings with bacteriaNg, Jonathan Zheng Xiang
2020HPLC detection methods for indole compounds and exploration of indole acetic acid production and degradation patterns of isolated bacillus speciesVickramathithaan Vegadasalam Bathi
2021Microbial community-based protein production from wastewater for animal feed applicationsVethathirri, Ramanujam Srinivasan; Santillan, Ezequiel; Wuertz, Stefan
2020Profiling microbial populations in various compostsMou, Wei Bin
2020Prospective assessment of the aquaculture sector : national policies and environmental impactsBohnes, Florence Alexia
2023Protection of floating photovoltaic structures in coastal watersOnn, Shi Ee
2022Simulation of photovoltaic-thermal collectors coupled with domestic hot water system in Singapore's HDB buildingsTeo, Hwee Chuan
2023Sustainable consumption - how to tell which goods are more sustainable? Comparing between fashion brands in SingaporeNeo, Edwina Jia Yi
2023Sustainable consumption - how to tell which goods are more sustainable? Comparing facial cleansers and packaging optionsTan, Xin Ju