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2019Bore-center annular shaped charges with different liner materials penetrating into steel targetsXu, Wen-long; Wang, Cheng; Yuan, Jianming; Deng, Tao
2023Conceptualization of biomimicry in engineering context among undergraduate and high school students: an international interdisciplinary explorationYeter, Ibrahim Halil; Tan, Valerie Si Qi; Le Ferrand, Hortense
2021Developing a normative database for retinal perfusion using optical coherence tomography angiographyTan, Bingyao; Sim, Yin Ci; Chua, Jacqueline; Yusufi, Dheo; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Yow, Ai Ping; Chin, Calvin; Tan, Anna C. S.; Sng, Chelvin Cheryl Agnes; Agrawal, Rupesh; Gopal, Lekha; Sim, Ralene; Tan, Gavin; Lamoureux, Ecosse; Schmetterer, Leopold
2021Developing an automated methodology for orthodontic correction of a CAD dental modelYeo, Jesslyn
2019Dynamic evolution control based power sharing method for hybrid energy storage systemManandhar, Ujjal; Wang, Benfei; Ukil, Abhisek; Gooi, Hoay Beng
 2019Effect of two-dimensional graphene oxide on the phase change stability of carbon nanotubes and their application for thermal energy storageMu, Chenzhong; Sze, Jia Yin; Chen, Xuelong; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2019Enhancement of mass transfer in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with blockage in the flow channelShen, Jun; Tu, Zhengkai; Chan, Siew Hwa
2021Finite element free vibration analysis of beams/columns subjected to progressive compressive loadLim, Rebecca
 2023Impact of market competition on remanufacturing investmentZhou, Qin; Meng, Chao; Sheu, Jiuh-Biing; Yuen, Kum Fai
 2022An investigation of self-service technology usage during the COVID-19 pandemic: the changing perceptions of 'self' and technologiesWang, Xueqin; Wong, Yiik Diew; Sun, Shanshan; Yuen, Kum Fai
 2022Investigation of virtual & augmented reality classroom learning environments in university STEM educationLee, T.; Wen, Yun; Chan, M. Y.; Azam, Abu Bakr; Looi, Chee Kit; Siti Faatihah Binte Mohd Taib; Ooi, Ching Hui; Huang, Lihui; Xie, Yuan; Cai, Yiyu
2021Mapping trend travel trajectory of Australian food with Instagram influencer network mapYan, Kaizhen
2021Numerical simulations of gyromagnetic mediaLee, Shu Hui
 2023Psychological antecedents of telehealth acceptance: a technology readiness perspectiveLi, Xue; Zhou, Yusheng; Liu, Yanfeng; Wang, Xueqin; Yuen, Kum Fai
2020The rapid evolution of biomaterials : research trends and societal implications examined through bibliometric analysis and artificial intelligenceKhor, Khiam Aik ; Soehartono, Alana M.; Darroch, Peter
2021Remove specular highlight from facial images using deep learningOoi, Yue Ying
2022Resource allocation for federated learning enabled edge intelligenceLim, Bryan Wei Yang
2020Spatial-temporal evolution of urban resilience and its influencing factors : evidence from the Guanzhong plain urban agglomerationMa, Fei; Wang, Zuohang; Sun, Qipeng; Yuen, Kum Fai; Zhang, Yanxia; Xue, Huifeng; Zhao, Shumei
2019Unconventional split aptamers cleaved at functionally essential sites preserve biorecognition capabilityWang, Ruoyu; Zhang, Qiansen; Zhang, Yi; Shi, Hanchang; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Zhou, Xiaohong