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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193D printing of mixed matrix films based on metal-organic frameworks and thermoplastic polyamide 12 by selective laser sintering for water applicationsLi, Rui; Yuan, Shangqin; Zhang, Wang; Zheng, Han; Zhu, Wei; Li, Boyuan; Zhou, Meixin; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Zhou, Kun
20233D printing of mycelium engineered living materials using a waste-based ink and non-sterile conditions.Soh, Eugene; Teoh, Jia Heng; Leong, Brendon; Xing, Tingrong; Le Ferrand, Hortense
2017Accelerating retail-innovation design for smart services via foresight approach and case-based designLee, Ching-Hung; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Lee, Yu-Chi; Xu, Gangyan; Li, Fan; Zhao, Xuejiao
2023Additive manufacturing of a nickel–aluminium–bronze alloy via directed energy depositionLi, Boyuan
2020Additive manufacturing of alloy and multi-metal oxide coated electrodes for electrolysis of waterHegde, Chidanand
2021Adoption of 3D printing for aerospace industry : a case studyNur Diyana Mohamed Sani
2021Anisotropic properties of a copper alloy printed by directed energy depositionWong, Derrance Guan Yu
2021Anomaly detection of 3D printing process using machine learningNur Muizzu Hamzah
2023Applications of high-silicon aluminum alloys to dissimilar materials joiningYang, Yongjing
2017Applying theory of inventive problem solving to develop product-service systemLee, Ching-Hung; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Trappey, Amy J. C.
2022Assessment of nacre-like ceramics in replacement to Ni superalloys in aircraft's enginesLe Ferrand, Hortense; Chan, Jie Sheng
2020Atomistic simulation of deformation under extreme loading conditionsSharuz Farooque Rahmatullah
2020Bioinspired approaches to toughen calcium phosphate-based ceramics for bone repairDee, Peifang; You, Ha Young; Teoh, Swee-Hin; Le Ferrand, Hortense
2022Bioinspired self-shaping clay composites for sustainable developmentZhang, Yuxiang; Le Ferrand, Hortense
2020Changi International Airport modelling and visualizationKumar, Vaibhav
2023Continuous 3D printing of microstructured multifunctional materialsGuan, Lizhi; Fan, Jingbo; Chan, Xin Ying; Le Ferrand, Hortense
2020Design and prototyping of biomedical deviceHe, Linwei
2020Develop 3D printable food inksNg, Mavis Xin Kai
2021Develop food inks based on food waste for 3D food printingXiao, Tian
2020Develop protein-fortified 3D-printable food inksHow, Qiao Xin