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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20223D printing of functional chemically bonded phosphate ceramicsGonzales, Paula Germaine
2022Additive manufacturing of aluminium oxide with gelatin as rheological modifierGuo, Yang
2023Dense ceramic electrolyte 3D printing via digital light processing for solid oxide cellsNg, Desmond Zhi Xiong
2022Fabrication and characterization of advanced transparent ceramicsChua, Joshua Jie Heng
2019Fabrication and characterization of graphene and carbon nanotube reinforced bioceramic nanocompositesHu, Huanlong
2022Fabrication of high-quality transparent ceramic powders with novel co-precipitation methodTan, Shao Yun
2022Fabrication of lightweight and ultrahigh strength close-cell ceramic foams through sacrificial template methodTan, Alice Shi Yi
2022Fabrication of SiC ceramic foams with light weight and ultrahigh strength by a direct foaming methodWee, Christian Luke Chye Hin
2021Mechanical properties and failure behaviour of architected alumina microlattices fabricated by stereolithography 3D printingYap, Xiu Yun; Seetoh, Ian; Goh, Wei Liang; Ye, Pengcheng; Zhao, Yida; Du, Zehui; Lai, Chang Quan; Gan, Chee Lip
2022Nacre-like ceramics and compositesMa, Zhuoran
2019Process development for laser-based additive manufacturing of solid oxide fuel cellsTan, Kenneth Hong Yi
2021Rheology of microplatelet suspensionsLim, Fiske Jie
2021Synthesizing high purity nano crystalline Y2O3 powder for transparent ceramicsShawn Berqmans Pereira
2023Vat photopolymerisation 3D printing of silicon carbide ceramics utilizing NIR lightSoon, Chia Wen