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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Additive manufacturing of multifunctional composite structuresGackowski, Bartosz Mikolaj
2021Anomalous elastic response of a 3D anti-tetrachiral metamaterialLai, Chang Quan; Markandan, Kalaimani; Lu, Zhen
2023Characterization of mechanical properties of polyureaYou, Mei Yu
2021Decoupling part geometry from microstructure in directed energy deposition technology : towards reliable 3D printing of metallic componentsYeoh, Yong Chen
2022Development of printable material with recycled glass for 3D concrete printingTing, Andrew Guan Heng
2023The effect of build orientation and testing temperature on mechanical properties of polyamide-12 printed by multi jet fusionMuhammad Fithri Bin Sadar
2020Effect of residual epoxy on single lap joints performanceSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Aggarwal, Atin; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Ng, Charles
2022Effect of surface defect on specimen and insertion distance of striker bar in tensile split Hopkinson pressure bar testLim, Zhi Hong
2022Enhancing tensile and fatigue properties of additively manufactured alloys by post-processing heat treatmentRadhakrishnan, Jayaraj
2020Failure analysis research of structural integrity problemsMohammed Asyraf M Mohammed Ariffen
2019High cycle fatigue characterisation and modelling of 316L stainless steel processed by laser powder bed fusionZhang, Meng
2022Impact absorption in shear-stiffening materialsKurkin, Anatoli
2021Influence of microstructure topology on the mechanical properties of powder compacted materialsLai, Chang Quan; Seetoh, Ian
2020The influence of microstructures of AM-316L stainless steel on mechanical propertiesChen, Kwok Fong
2020Influence of printing direction on mechanical behavior of additively manufactured high strength low alloy steelHardi Pardi
2020Investigation of grain growth and microstructural evolution in electron beam melting additive manufacturing processChandra, Shubham
2022Investigation of maraging steel M789 parts fabricated by direct energy depositionHon, Cheng Hui
2023Investigation of mechanical properties of Ruddlesden-Popper 2D,2D-3D and 3D perovskites using an experimental and first principles approachRathore, Sudharm
2022Joinability of nickel alloy insert built by laser metal deposition to mild steel via compound castingLee, Brian Zhan Rui
2020Lead free solder materials studyNash Hairie Rosly