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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Accelerated development of soft magnetic materialsPadhy, Shakti Prasad
2019Additive manufacturing of austenitic alloys with high strength and high ductility by selective laser meltingSun, Zhongji
2022Advanced thermoelectric for waste heat harvestingTan, Justin Jia Jun
2023Computational simulations and experiments on additive manufacturing of one metal to another dissimilar base metalLee, Sheralyn Ying
2022Effect of platinum-lead nanoparticle as electrocatalyst for hydrogen generation over a wide pH rangeTan, Xuan Wen
 2021Effects of double aging on inconel 718 fabricated by laser metal depositionTham, Nataniel Yong Syn
2022Enhancing tensile and fatigue properties of additively manufactured alloys by post-processing heat treatmentRadhakrishnan, Jayaraj
2020Fabrication and characterisation of open-cell high entropy alloy electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionLim, Teik Yi
2020Fatigue behavior of ASTM A131 EH36 steel samples additively manufactured with selective laser meltingWang, Jingjing; Zhang, Meng; Tan, Xipeng; Liu, Tong; Bi, Guijun; Li, Hua; Tor, Shu Beng; Liu, Erjia
2019Improvement on mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of titanium-tantalum alloys in-situ fabricated via selective laser meltingZhao, Danlei; Han, Changjun; Li, Yan; Li, Jingjing; Zhou, Kun; Wei, Qingsong; Liu, Jie; Shi, Yusheng
2021Improving surface integrity of cold sprayed Ti-6Al-4V coating on Ti-6Al-4V substrate using mechanical post-peeningTan, Yong Kang
2021In-situ alloying of beta titanium for implant application via laser powder bed fusionHuang, Sheng
2022Investigation of maraging steel M789 parts fabricated by direct energy depositionHon, Cheng Hui
2020Investigation of microstructure and mechanical properties of A131 EH36 steel additively manufactured by selective laser melting and direct laser depositionWang, Jingjing
2022Investigation of relationships between continuous-wave process parameters and physical properties of SLM-manufactured Ti-64 using machine learningSeah, Jia Jun
2020Investigation of residual stress profiles induced by laser shock peeningAvinash Kumar Vijaya Kumar
2022Joinability of nickel alloy insert built by laser metal deposition to mild steel via compound castingLee, Brian Zhan Rui
2020Microstructural evaluation of laser bed additive manufactured steelsPee, Ryan
2022Microstructure analysis of magnesium alloy and/or its nanocomposite under high strain rate testingTan, Valerie Ying Jia
2022Microstructures and mechanical properties of 3D-printed steelsTeo, Yvonne Hui Ern