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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20222D catalysts for electrochemical oxygen reduction reactionsBrata, Jason Jovi
20232D transient and heat transfer analysis of a coupled vane compressorNg, Dillon Kai Heng
 2021Boron nitride nanosheets can induce water channels across lipid bilayers leading to lysosomal permeabilizationLucherelli, Matteo Andrea; Qian, Xuliang; Weston, Paula; Eredia, Matilde; Zhu, Wenpeng; Samorì, Paolo; Gao, Huajian; Bianco, Alberto; von dem Bussche, Annette
2020Boundary element methods for nonlinear heat conduction in solidsRaghavan, Raghuraman
2023Cable-driven underactuated wearable robotic devices for hand assistanceBernardo, Alexandre Pinto Sales de Noronha
2021Calculation & simulation of fractionation-based separation methods for airborne particlesPoh, Shao Yi
2023Collision severity evaluation of quadcopter UAV crash on human headSuresh S/O Ravi
2020Computational fluid dynamic simulation of the non-newtonian flow in a 3D printing processLee, Kai Theng
2021Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the resistance of ships in calm waterLeong, Jackson Wei Jian
2020Computational modeling of selective laser melting processLe, Kim Quy
2020Data encryption using chaotic mechanical system vibration response signalsSim, Ivan Wan Leong
2022Deep learning methods for diagnosis of epilepsy from electroencephalogramsPeh, Wei Yan
2021Development of a marine diesel engine's digital twin to monitor fuel performanceTeh, Gilbert Jun Jie
2020Development of an AI-powered shareable bike rebalancing systemTu, Anqi
2023Development of computer program for the numerical surface integration over 3D solids by applying finite element conceptsMuhammad Hafiz Bin Hamzah
2023Discovering optimal survival strategies for planktonFoo, Chang Lin
2020Discovering shock absorbing materials on automobiles bumpers through numerical simulationsKhoo, Ding Jie
2023Drag based swimmer robotLim, Jim Wei Liang
2020Elastic-plastic stress investigation on two interacting cracksHan, Jin Xuan
2020Experimental and analytical assessment of a packed bed for thermal energy storageKhor, Jun Onn