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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20223D surface analysis of coral microatollsGautam, Rohan
2022The complexity in transportation systems: the study of a bus loopVismara, Luca
2023Deep branching solution of financial partial differential equationsWang, Yiran
2022Determination of support stiffness of a built-in beam by finite element analysisWeng, Minglong
2023Finite volume method for steady state 2D heat conduction in solidsJohn, Shana Elizabeth
2023Genetic analysis of hominid behaviourWong, Simon Daniel Cheng Ji
2023Heat conduction across interface between two materials. Part I: perfectly conducting interfaceLing, Yu Heng
2021Improving resiliency of healthcare systems in response to epidemicsLow, Alan Yu Hao
2020Modeling the effect of spending on cyber security by using surplus processNie, Ciyu ; Li, Jingchao; Wang, Shaun
2022Numerical modelling of a one-dimensional laser drilling problemChung, Cheuk Yin
2020Numerical treatment of certain fractional and non-fractional differential equationsDing, Qinxu
2020On diversity of certain T-intersecting familiesKu, Cheng Yeaw; Wong, Kok Bin
2022Optimization study of coupled vane compressorHing, Joel Zi Long
2020Reconciling Bayesian and perimeter regularization for binary inversionDunbar, Oliver R. A.; Dunlop, Matthew M.; Elliott, Charles M.; Hoang, Viet Ha; Stuart, Andrew M.
2020A risk-based UAS traffic network model for adaptive urban airspace managementPang, Bizhao; Tan, Qingyu; Ra, Thu; Low, Kin Huat
2020UAV trajectory estimation and deviation analysis for contingency management in urban environmentsPang, Bizhao; Ng, Ee Meng; Low, Kin Huat