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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Advance adsorption assisted data centre cooling in tropicsMohyong, Clarence Kunjie
2019Application of recycled ceramics from wastes for high temperature thermal energy storageOng, Ton Chee Yung
2019Atmospheric wind characterisation for power generationTieo, Jing Jin
2020Cold thermal energy storage for cryogenic applications in aerospace industrySingh, Kelvinder
2020Cold thermal energy storage for cryogenic applications in enhancing the battery life of a UAVSomu, Arvind Kanmaya
2023Dense ceramic electrolyte 3D printing via digital light processing for solid oxide cellsNg, Desmond Zhi Xiong
2023Design of photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) platformTeo, Wei Xiang
2022Effect of dopants on catalytic performance of LaCrO3 catalyst for methane crackingLim, Ryan Sheng Wei
2022Effect of sintering additives on catalytic performance of LaCrO3-based catalyst for methane crackingNg, Boon Hong
2023Experimental study for evaluating the performances of thermoelectric generator under steady-state and dynamic conditionsChiang, Trevor Kai Teng
2020Fatigue life of fibre-metal laminates in marine environmentSai, Wei
2020Grain size analysis of metal nanowires made by embossing methodGoh, Duan Jian
2023Hydro(organic)metallurgy for spent lithium-ion battery recyclingTan, Christopher Zhi Yong
2023Hydrodynamic performance optimization of horizontal Pinwheel and vertical Savonius tidal turbines using CFDMittal, Shivansh
2023Investigation of passive radiative cooling in tropical climatesHan, Di
2020Liquid air energy storage for combined cooling, heating and power : techno-economic performance enhancement through waste heat & cold recoveryTafone, Alessio
2021Modelling of thermoelectric generator with experimental investigationLi, Jia Wen
2022Numerical modeling and machine learning for wind turbine aerodynamics and condition monitoringPurohit, Shantanu
2021Parameter design and energy management of a fuel cell electric vehicleChua, Manfred James Tze Kiat
2022Powering Africa for job creationIbrahim, Muazu